New Super Mario Bros. 2 star coins walkthrough

World One

Stage 1-1

1: To get things off to a nice and easy start, the very first large coin can be found in plain sight atop the platform above the first set of music note blocks that you come across.

2: The second large coin can be found at the second notch on the map, just past the checkpoint. The coin will be inside an enclosed square of bricks that you can bounce off the music notes below to smash. Simply break one side or bottom and hop inside to grab it.

3: At the 4th notch past the checkpoint on the map, you will come to a green pipe that you can sink in to. Do so and you will shoot to the sky and enter a small bonus room to collect coins. Jump on the P switch and then run fast to the far side to find the final large coin there. If you don’t make it fast enough, the walkway will turn back to coins and you won’t be able to reach it without restarting it all over.

Stage 1-2

1: Just before the 4th notch on the map, you will come to series of bricks that have a red turtle walking between two POW blocks. When you hit the POW block on the right, the bricks below will clear out and the large coin will be revealed there.

2: At the 4th notch on the map, you will come to a yellow pipe leading downwards, just before a set of gold rising platforms. Drop down the pipe and then use the P Switch to turn the blocks to coins. Run to the right and then hop up to the top level and run to the left as quick as you can to get the coin there.

3: Once you exit the yellow pipe, hop across the gold platforms to the right and use the red turtle to hit the POW block below. Once it breaks all the surrounding blocks, hop down to the lower pipe beside the sign and shoot fireballs into the opening. Continue to do so, and the large mushroom will pop out. Quickly grab it and then run to the right to smash free to the final large coin at the 3rd notch past the checkpoint, between the next set of gold platforms, and surrounded by otherwise unbreakable blocks.

Stage 1-3

1: At the 5th notch on the map, you will come to a sign point up and to the right. Use the tail suit to fly up and follow the coins to the first platform. On it will be the first large coin of the level.

2: When you are still on the first platform at the top where you received the first coin, continue to jump to the right to the next platform and then one more where you will find a green pipe. Slide down it and you will be taken to an area where the second large coin is ready for the taking.

3: Once you leave the clouds, make your way a couple steps to the left and the third coin will be below a wooden bridge. Make your way a few more steps to the left and simply break the blocks there with your tail to access the final large coin for this area.

Stage 1- Tower

1: When climbing up the platforms in the fortress, the first coin can be found on the left side, at the 7th notch on the map. When you grab the red ring, it will be only a few more jumps upwards. Use the wall jump to bounce your way up the narrow passage and grab it when the green blocks have moved out of the way.

2: When you reach the first wooden door that you can enter, just above it on the left will be a red pipe. Make sure you don’t jump too high and go through the walkway above. Go through the pipe and hit the P Switch inside and try to get to the top of the room as quickly as you can, as the large coin will only appear there as long as the P Switch is active.

3: As soon as you exit the green pipe from the previous coin, you will see the next large coin just above you on the left side. Hop up on the green blocks to avoid the skeleton piranha plant and go to the far left. Wait for the second green block to disappear while standing on it, and you will drop safe and sound onto the large coin.

Stage 1-4

1: Right near the start of the level, atop the yellow mushroom platform, the large coin will be located. Use the Super Leaf power-up that can be found just below it—if you need it—and glide over to it.

2: At the 6th notch on the map, there will be a blue pipe at the top, above a pink platform. Hop through and then cross the few moving platforms to find the large coin at the far end where you drop down.

3: At the 3rd notch after the checkpoint, you will come to 4 question mark blocks at the end of 4 small platforms. Jump to hit the space between the two lower platforms and a hidden vine will appear. Climb up the vine and then hit the P Switch when you are in the clouds and then climb up the blocks that are created to reach the coin at the top. If you run out of time, simply use the Super Leaf and run back and forth on the lower platform and then jump and flutter your way up to the coin.

Stage 1-5

1: Once you drop into the water at the beginning, simply swim to the right a little bit and the coin will be near the bottom of the screen. The current will try to drag you down, but just keep swimming up to grab it and swim out of its reach.

2: At the 5th notch on the map, you will come to a yellow pipe on the right side of another current. Drop down the pipe and the large coin will be in the center of the room at the very bottom. Swim down and grab it and quickly swim up to avoid getting sucked down.

3: At the third notch just after the check point, you will pass a glass block and a green pipe shooting upwards. At the next ring of Cheep Cheeps, there will be a narrow opening at the top of the screen. Swim up to it and you will go up to another room with a few coins and the final large coin in the center.

Stage 1-A

1: At the 3rd notch on the map, you will come to the first door that you can drop through. To do so however, you’ll need to break the two blocks on top of it. Butt-slam through them and you’ll drop into a large room where the coin will be atop a platform.

2: At the 12th notch on the map, you will reach as far right as you can go and need to fall through the yellow door there. When you drop, walk to the left to let the door on the right open and then run through it to grab the large coin.

3: Near the end of the level, at the 13th notch on the map, you will come to a 4-way pipe with piranha plants coming out of each end. To the left, there will be a horizontal pipe which will have s mall gap between it and the piranha pipe. Jump below the opening on the left pipe and a hidden block will appear. Hop on it and go through the pipe to come to a room with a giant piranha plant and the last coin. Jump on the red turtle to the right and you will knock the shell into the plant and snag the coin.

Stage 1 - Castle

1: At the 4th notch on the map, you will need to shimmy across a rope to get over some lava. When you reach the two sets of pillars on the other side of two shooting upwards fireballs, drop down on the first pillar when it is above the lava to grab the coin.

2: When you get to the end of the previous rope, there will be four blocks above a Drybones. Hop on them and jump to find a few hidden blocks there. Jump up on them and follow the corridor left to get a Super Leaf. Run to the left and float across the tons of coins and grab the large coin in the center of them.

3: Just before entering the boss door, you will come to a large Thwomp that will destroy two layers of the floor. Once he destroys both, drop down to grab the final large coin there and enjoy the applause.

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