New Super Mario Bros. 2 star coins walkthrough

Flower World – Hidden World

To find the Flower World, you’ll need to head to 3-Tower with the mini-mushroom on. Go through the stage until you come to the first set of spiked logs that extend. When they start to retract, go to the right and enter the little green pipe there. Follow through the rising water, avoiding the blocks and fish and you will eventually come out to the flag which will allow you to access the cannon to take you to there.

Stage Flower-1

1: At the third map notch, the first star coin will be located at the bottom of the screen. Wait for the Koopa below to fly to the right and then drop down through an opening in the green blocks to land on the lower green moving blocks and grab it.

2: At the sixth notch on the map, the star coin will be located at the top of the screen against a small green pipe. Hop on the green moving blocks and then jump up to grab it when the blocks are near the pipe opening.

3: At the second map notch past the checkpoint, you will come to a set of two blue pipes and a yellow pipe. Slide down either side between the pipes to reach the coin and then wall jump your way back up to get out.

Stage Flower-A

To reach this stage, you will need to find the hidden exit in Stage Flower-1. It is a little tricky to find, but when you reach the third star coin in that level, there will be two blocks with question marks on them. Stand on the right-most block and then butt-slam down on it to make it start to fly. Simply stay on it and it will take you across the level and then into the sky. Make your way across to the flag and stage Flower-A will now be open.

1: At the fourth notch on the map, you will simply be able to jump up to a ledge above that has the first coin there.

2: Immediately after the checkpoint flag, you will come to three sets of platforms with Buzzy Beetles crawling on them. Hop to the third one and grab the shell from it and toss it down through the gap to the right so that the shell bounces off the wall and hits the star coin below.

3: At the fifth notch past the checkpoint, you will pass a few sets of collapsible platforms and come to the final star coin above two ice blocks that have red Spike Tops crawling all over them. Avoid the Spike Tops as they walk away and grab the coin.

Stage Flower - Haunted Mansion

1: From the beginning of the stage, hop up the spider webs but stick to the right side. As you get higher, you will need to wall jump to hit the coin and continue upwards.

2: When you reach the very top of the room, the block above the coin to grab the invincibility star and the walls in the room will turn to coins. As soon as you fall, grab the star coin and continue to the very bottom and into the water.

3: When you land in the water after falling, you will need to swim to the right with a giant Boo behind you. When you get far enough, the final star coin will be behind a staircase. Get far enough ahead of the Boo and try to run and slide down the stairs backwards so that you can swim back to grab it.

Stage Flower-B

To get into this stage you will need to find the hidden exit within the stage Flower-Haunted Mansion. When you enter the first room and climb the spider webs to the top and grab the invincibility star, fall and slide along the right side wall to come to an opening that will lead to the hidden exit.

1: At the fifth notch on the map, you will come to some bouncing platforms and a Lakitu will show up. Take him out and ride his cloud upwards. Follow the coins there and they will lead you to the first star coin.

2: Once you hit the check pint flag, continue right a few steps and you will come to two spinning blocks in the air. Use them to take down the Lakitu in the air and then ride his cloud down to the yellow pipe under the platform. Once inside, hit the ? Switch and then hop on the boxes to grab the coin in the center.

Stage Flower-2

1: For the first coin, when you reach the fourth notch on the map, you will need to bounce across a set of four spiders to get it behind the second spider.

2: When you get to the third notch past the checkpoint flag, you will see the second star coin underneath a platform, to the right of a spider. To get the coin, hop back to the left to the spinning platform in the eater and ride it all the way over to the right to get the coin.

3: Near the seventh notch on the map past the checkpoint flag, there will be a series of spiders just above the water with the coin behind them. Swing off the vine and bounce across the spiders when they are down to hit the coin.

Stage Flower-3

1: At the sixth map notch, you will come to a stack of pink platforms that you need to bounce up to reach the top. When you reach the top, bounce upwards again to nab the coin.

2: Once you hit the checkpoint, hit the right-most block to the right of it and you will get a mini-mushroom. Step to the right and bounce on the Koopas there and keep bouncing upwards to the small green pipe above. Enter and grab the invincibility star and run to the right to find a green pipe. Enter it and it will shoot you up to reach the star coin.

3: For this coin, you will need to exit through the second green pipe from the previous coin and then bounce across the Koopas to the right. The final star coin will be in the second circle of Koopas that are flying. Bounce on the Koopas until you are under the coin and jump up to reach it.

Stage Flower - Castle

1: At the second notch on the map, you will come to the star coin underneath the platform you are running along. To get the coin, grab a Bob-omb and place it next to the blocks to destroy them. Once there is an opening, grab another Bob-omb and toss it down the opening to get the coin.

2: At the second notch past the checkpoint flag, there will be a set of blue pipes in the ceiling above the star coin that will be between two conveyor platforms. Simply drop down and grab it quickly to avoid the dropping enemies.

3: At the seventh notch past the checkpoint flag, you will come to a room with two bouncing balls and the star coin in it. To reach it, hit the yellow Switch on the ceiling so that the conveyor belt turns red and moves to the right. Land on it and crouch and let it take you into the room. Grab the coin and then bounce on one of the balls to get out.

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