New Super Mario Bros. 2 star coins walkthrough

Mushroom World - Hidden World

To get to this world, you will need to get to the cannon that is on the map. To find the cannon, you will need to go into Stage 1-Tower and when you come to the wooden door, go through it. Once you are through it, look on the right side where the green moving blocks are coming out of the wall. Go through the opening there and it will take you to the hidden exit. This will take you to the Cannon and the short level that, once at the end, will allow you to enter the Mushroom World.

Stage Mushroom-1

1: At the fifth notch on the map, drop down the yellow pipe that there are a ton of red Koopas walking around. Once inside, hit the POW blocks and continue down to reach the coin.

2: At the third notch past the checkpoint, there will be a small yellow pipe that you can enter. Drop down it and hit the second brick to get the golden flower. Use it to blast away at the bricks below and to find the coin there.

3: The final star coin is just to the right of the exit of the previous coin. You will come to two high blocks with a red Koopa in the center. Use the Super Leaf to fly up to the coin that is on the right platform.

Stage Mushroom-2

1: At the fourth notch on the map, the first star coin will be along the bottom of the screen. Stay to the right as far as you can when approaching it, so that you can swim in to grab it before the stone blocks the path.

2: At the second notch on the map past the checkpoint, you will come across some Urchins that drop out of the ceiling. The second Urchin that drops will have the coin behind it. Wait for it to lower and then swim up and grab it.

3: A little bit past the previous coin, you will go past a moving stone that blocked your path and will find a green pipe in the ceiling on the other side. Enter it and swim to the top to grab the coin there.

Stage Mushroom-Haunted Mansion

1: For the first coin, enter the first door on the right. When you are in the next room, there will be two ? Switches on either side. Hit the Switch on the right and the star coin and the platforms to reach it will appear.

2: To reach the second coin, you will need to exit the room the first coin was in and then go through the middle door in the next room. Once you enter this room, jump and there will be hidden bounce platforms to take you to the ? Switch in the upper left corner. When you hit it, the star coin will appear below.

3: When you come to the room with three ? Switches and blue blocks on the right side, hit the middle and right ? Switches and hop up to the upper platform on the right. GO through the opening there and then wall jump up the second opening in the ceiling. Hit the ? Switch on the left and then drop down and go to the left. Wall jump up the opening there and grab the coin.

Stage Mushroom-A

To reach this stage, you will need to access it through Stage Mushroom-1. At the third star coin in Stage 1, the coin will be on the right platform, while the hidden exit will be on the left. Hop up to it and then jump to find the hidden block that will release a vine. Climb up it and follow it through to the flag pole.

1: Right near the start of the stage, hop up a platform or two and you will see the coin on the left side behind a wall of bricks. Let the spiked ball above drop down to break them and then run and slide while crouching to get the coin.

2: As you continue to jump up the platforms, stick to the right side and you will come to the coin. If you go along the left side, you will not be able to reach the coin.

3: At the second notch on the map past the checkpoint, you will come to the final star coin on the far right. It will be beside two spiked balls that are quickly rolling back and forth. Hit the ? Switch above the coin and it will release a larger spiked ball that will knock the two away. Drop down and get the coin when the large ball rolls away.

Stage Mushroom-3

1: At the fourth map notch, the coin will be located under a pipe that you can toss fireballs into. Stand on the larger platform to the left of the coin and then drop down and hop over to grab it. Once you have it, quickly hop back over to the left again.

2: Once you exit the yellow pipe from the checkpoint, go to the right a few steps and there will be a series of platforms going down. Hop up them and then jump over to the left to grab the coin.

3: Almost immediately to the right of the previous coin, the final coin will be behind some bricks towards the upper portion of the screen. Grab one of the Buzzy Beetles there and toss their shell at the POW block to destroy the bricks surrounding it.

Stage Mushroom-B

To reach this stage, you will need to find the hidden exit located in Stage Mushroom-Haunted Mansion. When in the Haunted Mansion and you are getting the final star coin by hitting the ? Switch through the opening that you need to wall jump up to, a door will appear to the right of the ? Switch. Go through the door there and Stage B will now be open.

1: At the fifth map notch, you can find the first coin on the left side. Hop over to the platform that it is spinning above and you can simply jump up to reach it.

2: At the seventh notch on the map, you will be able to see the second coin on the right side, just below the checkpoint. Simply hop over to reach it.

3: The final coin can be found in the center on the stage, at the third notch past the checkpoint. To reach it, you will need to use the Koopa shells below it to hit the two blocks on the left and the two blocks on the right. When the vines grow out of them, climb up either the left of right vine closest to the center and then jump across to the next vine to reach the coin.

Stage Mushroom - Castle

1: At the sixth notch on the map, the first coin will be located underneath the platform that you are running across. Get far enough ahead of the large spiked ball chasing you and then butt-slam down into the bricks above the coin to get it.

2: At the ninth notch on the map, you will come to a green pipe and a large Whomp. Have him fall down and then jump past him to grab the coin that is spinning there against the wall.

3: For the final coin, you will need to have the Super Leaf, which you can get to the right of the boss door through a hidden block there. Once you have it, run past the boss door to the left and jump and fly upwards to find an opening to the right at the very top. Go through there to find the coin.

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