New Super Mario Bros. 2 star coins walkthrough

World Five

Stage 5-1

1: At the fifth map notch, you will need to stand on the rope platform and bounce upwards. Above the rope, there will be rotating blocks with the first coin in the middle.

2: Immediately to the right of the checkpoint flag, there will be a triangle of ropes with the star coin in the center. Simply stand on the rope and after a few seconds you will fall through to get the coin.

3: At the second notch past the checkpoint, hop up to the second rope in the air and jump straight up to hit a hidden block there that will create a vine. Climb up to reach the area in the clouds and you will see the final star coin off to the right in the circle of Koopas.

Stage 5 - Haunted Mansion

To get to this stage, you will need to take the hidden exit located in Stage 5-1. To find it, go up the vine to reach the third star coin and then make your way to the far right where there will be a rope platform. Bounce on it and a hidden block will shoot out a vine. Bounce off the wall to the right and climb up the vine. Make your way to the right in this area by bouncing off the Koopas.

1: Make your way over to the second swinging set of blocks and drop down to the bottom platform. Hop over to the right and you will be able to skip over a couple more platforms to grab the star coin on the far right.

2: After the previous coin, go through the door and then hop across two more sets of swinging blocks. Jump to the pole there and climb to the room above. Follow the appearing coins and they will lead to the second star coin.

3: Drop down the pole from the previous coin and then hop up the next pole on the right. Climb up it and enter the room above to find stairs on the right side that will keep unfolding. Hop your way up them to grab the final coin at the top platform.

Stage 5-A

To find this stage-which is the flying ship on the map- you will need to find the hidden exit in the Stage-Haunted Mansion. It is located in the first large room at the far side near the door. When you stand on the platform leading to the door, jump and you will see a small opening in the ceiling to the left. Use the Super Leaf and hop over a couple platforms to the left. Take a running jump and you will be able to fly up into it. Go up the stairs and through the next room and through the door with the giant boo to find the exit.

1: At the fifth notch on the map, the star coin will be floating high in the air. It’s just a simple run and jump to grab it.

2: The second star coin is also very easy to spot and to get. It will be located on top of a pillar at the second notch map past the checkpoint flag.

3: The third star coin can be found just like the previous two, in the air, and in a simple position to reach. To grab it, simply bounce on one of the many Koopas that will be flying around the area below it.

Stage 5-2

1: At the sixth notch on the map, you can find the first star coin along the ground between 6 piranha plant pipes. Simply wait for them to duck under and then hop across to get it.

2: Right before the checkpoint flag, there is a stack of pink blocks. Look above them and you will find a platform with a P Switch on it. Press the switch and follow the blue coins up into the sky to a green pipe. Enter there and get the coin below along the pipes.

3: Just as the previous coin, this one will require you to enter another green pipe in the sky. At the fifth marker past the checkpoint flag, go upwards in a Lakitu’s Cloud. Once you enter it, run to the far end to find the coin.

Stage 5-3

1: After you hop in the first pipe and then slide down the long slope, you will come to a series of three large green pipes. The middle will shoot you directly upwards to a platform. Hop up to the block above and then again to the hidden block to make a mini-mushroom appear. Grab it and then jump to the right on the small pipes to reach the large pipe. Enter it and it will shoot you to the coin.

2: For the second coin, return to the three large pipes at the checkpoint and enter the right-most one to be fired through the second star coin.

3: Just before the end of the stage, you will need to hop across 5 large green pipes that are spaced apart. Enter the middle one and it will shoot you out to the left to hit the final star coin.

Stage 5 - Tower

1: When start riding up the fences, the first coin will be on the far right side around the fifth notch on the map. You’ll need to jump up off the fence to reach it, and then quickly shimmy to the left to avoid the spikes.

2: At the fifth notch past the check point, you will need to ride on fences to progress. Keep going to the right and the second coin will be spinning there.

3: Just past the spot where the second coin is, there third will be all the way over on the far left side, sitting on top of a flame jet. You may want to play through the stage a second time to be able to get it much easier without having to race to the other side and getting burned.

Stage 5-4

1: The first coin for this stage is in a pretty good distance. At the seventh notch on the map, the coin will be in a gap between platforms. Hop on the platform to the right and grab the red Koopa and toss his shield at the coin to get it.

2: A few steps to the left of the checkpoint flag, there is a pink platform. Simply stand on it for a few seconds and it will take you into the sky. Once there, grab the coin and then hop back down the pipe.

3: At the third notch past the checkpoint flag, you will see the star coin down below the two platforms. To get it, you’ll need to drop down and grab the coin while bouncing off the Koopa flying back and forth.

Stage 5-5

1: This is one of the more tricky star coins in the game. To get it, right at the start when you jump up through the red pipe, jump over to the left stand on the stack of cannons. When you do, the coin will appear.

2: At the first notch past the checkpoint, there will be a green pipe on the lower platform in between two sets of moving blocks. Hop down the pipe and it will shoot you into the air where you will need to run to the right to find the second star coin before dropping back down.

3: At the thirteenth marker on the map, you will come to the star coin underneath some green moving blocks. To get the coin, you will need to wait until an there is an opening in the blocks and then jump down on top of a bullet and bounce back up to the green blocks.

Stage 5-6

1: The first coin can be found around the fifth notch on the map. It will be located to the left side along a ledge that you need to make appear by pressing the ! Switch above it. Hit it and drop to get the coin and run to the right.

2: At the third notch on the map past the checkpoint, drop down the green pipe there and you will come to a cavern with two giant piranha plants on the ceiling with the coin between them. Use the spring on the platform to bounce up and grab it.

3: For this coin, you’ll need to start from the beginning again and have a fire flower. Go to the right and continue to go to the right and jump off the large drop there. When you land, there will be a pipe to fire fireballs into. Do so and the large mushroom will pop out. Grab it and run to the right until you reach the goal and you will get the coin on the way.

Stage 5-Castle

1: at the fourth notch, there will be a space between two skeleton piranhas on the ceiling. Jump on the platform and there will be two hidden blocks there. Jump on them and go to the right find a red pipe that leads to a room with the coin.

2: Directly to the right of the checkpoint, the second coin will be spinning just above the lava. Hop over to the fence above it and wait for the lower fence to start to rise. When it does start to rise, drop and grab the coin and quickly jump back up.

3: Near the end of the stage, you will ride across two moving fences on diagonals. You will need to ride the first fence right to the end and then quickly jump to the second before it sinks into the lava.

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