New Super Mario Bros. 2 star coins walkthrough

World Three

Stage 3-1

1: The first star coin here can be found at the notch on the map, just above the row of large barrels. To get it, run and jump on top of a Cheep Cheep to bounce higher and you will be able to reach it.

2: The second can be found just at the checkpoint flag. Hop on the spinning platforms and then make a jump up towards the pipe with the piranha plant coming out of it. Bounce off the wall to go higher and there will be a small room there with the coin inside it.

3: At the third notch past the checkpoint, you will come to a set of spinning platforms with a piranha plant on it. Just past that, there will be a barrel in the water and the star coin will in the water directly behind it. Stand on the barrel and sink a little to get it.

Stage 3-2

1: At the third map notch, you will come to two sets of green moving blocks with a water jet below and in between them. Within the water jet will be the star coin that you will need to swim down to get and then press the swim button quickly to get back up to safety.

2: Just past the checkpoint flag, you will come across a number of pipes in the ceiling and floor. Just past them you will come to a yellow pipe at the bottom around a water current. Get into that pipe and make your way around the green moving blocks to reach the star coin in the center.

3: At the 5th notch past the checkpoint flag, there will be a series of moving green blocks. The star coin can be found in the upper right corner. Simply dodge the Cheep Cheeps and move around the blocks as they make openings to grab it.

Stage 3-3

1: At the 5th notch, there will be a ! Switch that is underneath a platform. Hop on the spider web and jump up to hit it. Land on the platform that appears and then run through the yellow pipe on the left. Once inside, hit the middle block and another ! Switch will appear. Hit it and then hop over the pile of blocks on the left side. Drop down on the spider there and grab the coin where he is. Bounce off the spider as you kill it and run back out quickly before the platforms disappear.

2: At the 3rd notch past the checkpoint, there is a yellow pipe on the upper right that has a spider hanging in front of it. If you don’t have a Super Leaf with you, you can get on from the block to the left of the spider. Bounce on the spider and go through the yellow pipe to come to a large room. If you have the Super Leaf, you can simply run back and forth to get your speed up and then fly to the top to get the Star Coin. If you don’t, Hit the ! Switch and run up the platforms to the upper left corner before they disappear.

3: As soon as you drop back out of the room that the previous coin was in, take a few steps to the right and you will see the final coin under the platform there. Climb on the spider web on the left and then make a short jump across to the spider web on the right while grabbing the coin as you hop. If you still have the Super Leaf, it makes the jump immensely easier.

Stage 3-A

1: After you hop in to the water, you will get pushed through by a jet of water. When you hit the 5th notch on the map, the star coin will be on the upper path. Try to stick to the top path all the way until you reach the coin.

2: After you snag the previous coin, you will go through a red pipe. Once you exit it, continue going straight down, through the opening in the ground. It will take you to another large room where the star coin is located to the far right side. To get it, you will need to hit the ? Switch at the top of the room that will turn off the water jets. Once they are off, make your way through the path to the bottom as quick as you can to get it.

3: After you exit the red pipe to the third area, the water jet will take you upwards and then push you to the right. When you are being pushed, stick to the top of the cavern as much as you can and the final star coin will be along the way, at the 12th notch on the map.

Stage 3-Tower

1: In the very first room you enter, drop into the water and make your way to the far left. There you will find a small opening that you can drop through. Swim over to the room on the left and make your way past the large moving blocks to grab the star coin.

2: As you swim up past the large blocks that are slowly moving back and forth, just before you reach the middle blocks and spinning spiked logs, -at the sixth notch on the map-on the right side, there will be a star coin that appears as the block moves out of the way.

3: When you grab the red ring, you will get trapped in a room with a bunch of coins and pipes along the sides of the walls. Enter the green pipe-the upper pipe on the left side—and you will enter a larger room with the star coin. Simply swim down and stay above the water jet to grab it.

Stage 3-4

1: When you reach the sixth notch on the map, there will be a wiggler walking back and forth on a crate. Directly above him will be the first star coin. Bounce of the wiggler and you will be able to reach it.

2: At the second notch after the checkpoint, you will be at a set of three crates with a red turtle on them. To the right, there will be a platform you can run across when the water level lowers. Run across quickly to grab it and then run back before the water rises again.

3: Just after you get the previous star coin, there will be another almost immediately to the right. To get this one, hop on the two crates and wait for the water to lower. As it does, jump to the right and wall jump to the coin.

Stage 3-B

To reach this stage, use either the Golden Flower or Super Leaf to break the bricks that are blocking the red pipe to the right of the location where the third star coin in stage 3-4 is. To get all three coins for this stage, you will need to choose the upper red pipe near the start.

1: The first coin can be grabbed at the third jump as indicated by the lines of coins. When you land the third jump, will need to hit the Koopa Paratroopa and bounce off it to reach the coin.

2: Immediately after the previous coin, you will come to two more Koopa Paratroopas. Bounce of the second or third to get up on the wooden platform. Once there, quickly hop up into the green pipe. Now you will need to hop on top of the upper Bullet Bill that gets fired and bounce along with it all the way to the far end where the star coin will be.

3: After you hit the checkpoint, continually run right and you will come to some brick walls near the end of the stage. At the last one, you will need to jump up and then left quickly to get the coin, and then quickly to the right again to avoid getting crushed.

Stage 3-Haunted Mansion

1: In the second room you enter, you will need to ride platforms across to the far side of the room. Ride the first platform around to the second and the star coin will be just above. Be careful though as there is a boo sitting on the coin that you will need to get to move first before jumping up and grabbing it.

2: In the room to the right of the first red ring, there will be three platforms that rise. The star coin will be located in the middle alcove at the top.

3: In the same room as the previous coin, the few alcoves at the top will have doors. The door to the right of the star coin will progress you, but before going through there, go through the door in the alcove to the very far right to enter a room where the star coin will be at the very top. Run and jump off the side platforms to reach it.

Stage 3-5

This stage can be accessed by finding the hidden exit in the 3-Haunted Mansion. Near the exit of the mansion, you will ride a platform up to the exit at the top. Along the way, there will be a side passage on the right. Go through the passage and use the Super Leaf tail to break through the bricks that are blocking the door.

1: At the fourth notch on the map, you will be able to see a star coin behind some unbreakable blocks. Swim to the right a little and wait for a large boulder to come rolling along. When it finally does come, it will hit the unbreakable blocks, breaking them and letting you grab the coin inside.

2: Immediately to the right of the previous coin, there will be a yellow pipe in the ground that you can enter. Hop down it and you will enter a room full of Bloopers. Float down to the bottom and then chase the coin to the right as it moves. Avoid the Bloopers and grab the coin when you reach the far side.

3: At the fourth notch past the checkpoint, you will come to another coin that is behind a wall of unbreakable blocks again. Simply do the same things as the first coin and wait for the large boulder to come along and break the wall allowing you to grab it.

Stage 3 - Castle

1: At the sixth notch on the map, you will be jumping up platforms to avoid spinning blades. The star coin will be located on the left side. Stand on the small wooden platform and jump to find a hidden block that you can then jump on to grab the coin easily.

2: At the third notch past the checkpoint, there will be a wooden platform with a Drybones walking back and forth on it that has the star coin. Simply avoid the saw blades and the Drybones to grab it.

3: When you reach the boss door, don’t go in just yet, but use a Super Leaf to run and jump up to the far right corner and go through the opening there. Drop down into the large room and grab the final star coin as well as a ton of other little ones.

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