A weekly rummage in the attic of sci-fi

Stand aside, modern snacks, with your hand-baked Guineafowl and Asparagus flavoured ponciness. The 1970s saw this range of ghoulish, corn-based treats crawl from the crypt, delivering such supernatural wonderment as Salt & Vinegar Bones, Cheese & Onion fangs and - our fave - "Batburger" Bats. Taste the monosodium glutomate of Dracula!

Nick Setchfield
Editor-at-Large, SFX Magazine

Nick Setchfield is the Editor-at-Large for SFX Magazine, writing features, reviews, interviews, and more for the monthly issues. However, he is also a freelance journalist and author with Titan Books. His original novels are called The War in the Dark, and The Spider Dance. He's also written a book on James Bond called Mission Statements.