Medal of Honor: Warfighter multiplayer class guide


Sniper progression begins at Rank 4:

  • UDT - Unlocked at Rank 4
  • SFOD-D - Unlocked at Rank 10
  • SOG - Unlocked at Rank 16
  • SASR - Unlocked at Rank 22
  • Alfa Group - Unlocked at Rank 28
  • FSK/HJK - Unlocked at Rank 34
  • GROM - Unlocked at Rank 40
  • SEALs - Unlocked at Rank 46
  • SAS - Unlocked at Rank 52
  • KSK - Unlocked at Rank 57
  • OGA - Unlocked at Rank 63
  • JTF2 - Unlocked at Rank 69

2010’s installment of Medal of Honor wasn’t primarily hated for it’s hideous graphics, bland story, or unclear ranking system – most fans hated the game because of the online’s overwhelming amount of players playing as snipers and their ability to use them as assault rifles basically. Danger Close went back to the drawing board for Warfighter and seemingly took the power right out of their hands, especially in close quarter map design. Still, players playing as the Sniper class can help their teams out immensely. They can also hurt their team in a major way by becoming that easy target, or that guy. Don’t be that guy.

The Sniper class features a wide array of sniper rifles, both bolt-action and semi-automatic, both catering to different types of snipers. More precision players will likely want to equip bolt-action sniper rifles, while “on the move” snipers will want to use semi-automatic. The classes’ specialty, bipod, can also turn players who use semi-automatics into hybrid snipers, as the bipod acts as recoil stability. Players who wish to play as snipers should recognize which modes they’re playing in, because a mode like Sector Control isn’t appropriate for snipers, while Team Deathmatch is an excellent time to pick off foes from a distance.

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