Medal of Honor: Warfighter multiplayer class guide

Game Modes

Sector Control

Just your average “domination” game mode with three flags that earn points for your team as you capture and hold points. With Warfighter’s extremely small maps, close quarter assault rifles, carbines, and shotguns seem to play nicely with the mode. Want to be a sniper? Do your team a favor and don’t be done, as you’ll be useless, even if you’re constantly picking off foes.

Team Deathmatch

Surprise! Another FPS with this clichéd mode. Nothing special here. Each class has potential to be solid in Team Deathmatch, though assault rifles seem to have an advantage in combat.

Real Ops

Basically just a “hardcore” playlist where all helpful HUDs are turned off, including your health bar, mini-map, and kill cams. Real Ops pits you in any other game mode, so be ready to adapt and select your class based on what mode you’re jumping into with Real Ops. Aside from the Sniper, play with the class you’re most successful with, as it’ll usually suffice in a no-help gameplay style.


Five available bomb sites, you must capture/defend and eventually outlast your opponents through at least three of the sites before achieving victory. Your fireteam will be extremely useful in this game mode so try to stick close to him or her at all costs.

Combat Mission

Much like Hotspot, except you’re playing as attackers or defenders, you must either plant five bombs, or fend off opponents from planting five bombs to achieve victory. If you’ve played Counter Strike or Battlefield 3’s “Rush” mode, you should be accustomed to Combat Mission.


Medal of Honor meets Search and Destroy. Here you’ll play as both attackers and defenders. As attackers, you must fight off enemies, nab your flag from your enemies’ base, and carry it back to the finish line. Defenders are out to stop you from achieving such task. If the attackers capture the flag, they’ll get 2 points, but if they simply eliminate the defenders, they’ll only get 1 point. First team to 10 wins, and like Search and Destroy, there’s a halftime where you’ll switch sides.

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