Medal of Honor: Warfighter multiplayer class guide


As we’ve stated nearly a hundred times in this multiplayer guide, Warfighter’s maps are extremely compact with dozens of alleyways and pathways to counteract opponents. Each of the game’s 8 original maps play similar in scope, though some can be altered in terms of which mode you’re playing. Instead of going into detail with each individual map, we hope that our class’ details give you enough information to jump into the following maps with the knowledge to achieve success.

  • Tungawan Jungle
  • Sarajevo Stadium
  • Basilan Aftermath
  • Novi Grad Warzone
  • Somalian Stronghold
  • Harra Dunes
  • Shogore Valley
  • Al Fara Cliffside

We hope this extensive multiplayer guide for Medal of Honor: Warfighter gives you a greater knowledge of this respectable shooter and hopefully some valuable tips that you can use in your multiplayer matches. Have you found any tips worth adding to this guide? Let us know by commenting below; we’d love to hear your input.

Table of Contents

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