Medal of Honor: Warfighter multiplayer class guide


Demolition progression begins at Rank 6:

  • Alfa Group - Unlocked at Rank 6
  • FSK/HJK - Unlocked at Rank 12
  • GROM - Unlocked at Rank 18
  • SEALs - Unlocked at Rank 24
  • SAS - Unlocked at Rank 30
  • KSK - Unlocked at Rank 36
  • OGA - Unlocked at Rank 42
  • JTF2 - Unlocked at Rank 48
  • SFOD-D - Unlocked At Rank 54
  • UDT - Unlocked At Rank 59
  • SASR - Unlocked at Rank 65
  • SOG - Unlocked at Rank 71

If the Assaulter class is the guns-ho blazing class, then the Demolition class is undoubtedly your tactical, “lets blow this place to pieces,” type of class. The class in and of itself certainly turns many players away, as it should, due to its more tactical approach to gameplay. Demolition players can treat themselves to a specialty that adds +100 health on top of their original health, at the expense of mobility, though we’ll certainly get to that.

Demolition experts, even apart from the Medal of Honor series, will come to expect little options for primary weapons, which include the AA-12 shotgun and PDW, but as we stated, this class if for objective players. The PDW does offer some wiggle room in terms of a ranged weapon, but as you near objectives, planting bombs and such, you’ll want to get comfortable with your AA-12 and its many attachments. Your secondary weapon, Vickers1911, can also be of help for a higher rate of fire, though it certainly will not be of use against other classes’ primary weapons.

The Demolition classes’ action that catches players’ eye is its specialty, which was previously called “Tank Stance,” though it’s now primarily known simply as Ballistic Armor. The +100 boost to health seems intriguing, and can be, but if movement if your highest priority, then you’ll quickly despise this specialty. Players accustomed to EA/DICE/Danger Close games and have a knack for objectives can find use in Tank Stance by applying it when defending a position. Players looking to use it on the general battlefield, though, should stay clear of Demolition and turn their attention to the Point Man class.

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