When will Madame Web be available to stream?

Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney in Madame Web
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Madame Web may only just be swinging into theaters, but Spidey fans will already be keen to know when it might be landing on streaming platforms. The latest Spider-Man offshoot follows Cassandra Webb (played by Dakota Johnson), a New York City paramedic with clairvoyant abilities. After foreseeing a terrible event, she finds herself thrown on a path to protect three women from a murderous adversary.

The first reactions to the movie have been mixed, but fans of the web-slinging universe will still want to see the latest addition to the Marvel oeuvre. And while there's not currently a streaming date confirmed for Madame Web, we've seen enough of these superhero movies come out now to be able to take a pretty good guess. However, before we get into that below, be warned that this may take a bit of time as it's a Sony movie that is exclusively arriving in cinemas. 

Still with us? Well, here's all we know about the Madame Web streaming date.

When will Madame Web be on streaming?

Dakota Johnson in Madame Web

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Madame Web doesn't currently have a streaming release date. Currently, the only way to watch the movie is in theaters. If you're not keen on heading to your local multiplex though, the film will eventually be able to stream at home.

Its first release will be as a digital on-demand purchase. There's no date for that yet, but Sony At Home generally releases three to four months after its cinematic release. This means we could expect it from around May.

After that, it will head to a streaming service. Sony doesn't have its own service yet, but they do have a deal with Netflix, with movies heading there after a certain amount of time. For example, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse arrived on the streamer 150 days after its release. However, the minimum amount of time is 120 days, so we could see Madame Web available from mid-June.

Will Madame Web be coming to Disney Plus?

Tahar Rahim as Ezekiel Sims in Madame Web

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You'd be forgiven for being a bit confused about where Madame Web will end up because, although it's a Marvel movie, it's not actually in the MCU. This means it's owned by Sony, rather than Disney. As a result, it won't be heading to Disney Plus as quickly as other Marvel movies do. 

This is all down to a multi-billion dollar deal between Sony and Disney, which stipulates Sony movies released from 2022 to 2026 will only be available on Disney-owned services 18 months after release. This means Madame Web won't make it to Disney Plus before August 2025.

Madame Web is in theaters now. For much more on Madame Web, check out our chats with Dakota Johnson about her super suit and why she decided to tackle a superhero movie. We also spoke to director S.J. Clarkson about how her series Jessica Jones inspired the film.

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