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Lego Star Wars: The Bad Batch set revealed, and it comes with a Gonk droid for some reason

Lego Star Wars: The Bad Batch set revealed, and it comes with a Gonk droid for some reason
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Now that the series is upon us, it's probably not a surprise that a Lego Star Wars: The Bad Batch set has arrived. Available to pre-order via the Lego Store for $99.99 in the US (opens in new tab) and £89.99 in the UK (opens in new tab), it gets you the team in minifig form, a Lego Bad Batch shuttle, a Gonk droid (for some reason, though we're not complaining), and a couple of speeders. It's due to launch this August 1.

With a ship measuring 7 inches (20 cm) high and 5 inches (13 cm) wide, this Lego Star Wars: The Bad Batch set contains 969 pieces. It also features an openable cockpit and cabin with details taken straight from the Disney Plus show, like posters that the team has decorated with. You're getting removable helmets for each member of Clone Force 99 as well, not to mention their signature weapons.

Announced in a post by Star, the designers of the kit revealed that they didn't necessarily know how all the pieces fit into the broader Bad Batch story. As noted by design director Jens Kronvold Frederiksen, they "know that the speeders will be seen in the show, however, we do not know exactly in which context they will be seen."

Unlike the Lego R2-D2 set, this one isn't a Lego Store exclusive. That means it should eventually be up for sale all over the place, as per the Lego Friends kit and Lego Luigi starter set. We'll add more offers to this page as and when they appear. 

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Lego Star Wars: The Bad Batch set

(Image credit: Lego)

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