LEGO The Hobbit Red Brick locations guide

Red Brick Quests, Part 2 

8-bit Music - Drama Bomb (Dale, Night)

Prerequisites: Mithril Bomb Blade, Complete "Crown in the Dumps" and "The Price of Insubordination" side quests

In the northeastern section of town is a helmeted fellow in need of the Mithril Bomb Blade. Deliver it to unlock the 8-bit Music brick.

Carnival - Cranks Very Much (Radagast's House, Night)

Prerequisites: Mithril Skeleton Crank

Southeast of the eagle statue is a lady orc who wants the Mithril Skeleton Crank. Give it to her to unlock the Carnival brick.

Snake Flails - Thrandull's Kingdom, Day

Prerequisites: Mithril Multi-bow, Complete "Spoils of War" side quest

Cross the arrow poles inside Thrandull's Kingdom, then follow the path. When you emerge outside, the elf nearby will require the Mithril Multi-bow. Hand it over to unlock the Snake Flails brick.

Super Slap - Heirloom in the Making (Bree, Night)

Prerequisites: Mithril Mushroom Crown

In the cave north of Bree is a lady who wants the Mithril Mushroom Crown. Bring it to her to unlock the Super Slap brick.

Fall Rescue - The Goblin Who Lost Her Climb (The High Fells, Night)

Prerequisites: Mithril Claws, Complete "Goblin in Training" and "The Goblin's Gauntlet" side quests

Just outside of Rivendell, on the path to the High Fells, is a lady goblin. Bring her the Mithril Claws to unlock the Fall Rescue brick.

Mithril Detector - One-Orc Band (The High Fells, Night)

Prerequisites: Mithril Music Kit, Complete "Wandering Wargs" side quest

Further up the same path is another goblin, and he wants the Mithril Music kit. Give it to him to unlock the Mithril Detector brick.

Attract Loot - Weighting for a Stranger (Bree, Day)

Prerequisites: Mithril Megapult, Complete "Heirloom in the Making" side quest

A woman by the southern wall in Bree wants the Mithril Megapult. Bring it to her to unlock the Attact Loot brick.

Double Loot - Express Delivery (Bree, Day)

Prerequisites: Mithril Horseshoes, Complete "Punctual Pumpkins" and "Cart Departed" side quests

In the stables in Bree is a lady who--obviously--needs the Mithril Horseshoes. Forge and bring them to her to unlock the Double Loot brick.

Perfect Forging - Manic Mining (Hobbiton, Day)

Prerequisites: Mithril Pickaxe, Complete "Getting My Goat" side quest

In the southwestern edge of Hobbiton is a Hobbit who needs the Mithril Pickaxe. Deliver it to unlock the Perfect Forging brick.

Treasure Detector - Back-to-Roots Boots (Rivendell, Night)

Prerequisites: Mithril Slippers

At the southern edge of the realm is an elf who wants the Mithril Slippers. Deliver them to unlock the Treasure Detector brick.

Always Loot Rubies - Otherworldly Ambition (Dul Guldur, Night)

Prerequisites: Mithril Wraith Armor, Complete "Back on the Menu" side quest

At the southern edge of the zone is an elf. Bring her the Mithril Wraith Armor to unlock the Always Loot Rubies brick.

Always Loot Diamonds - Helping Hand (Laketown, Night)

Prerequisites: Mithril Hammerhands, Complete "Sunken Spirits," "The Lost Fireflies," "Timber Traversal," and "Heavy Lifting" side quests

At the western end of town is a man on a pier; he wants the Mithril Hammerhands. Forge and deliver them to unlock the Always Loot Diamonds brick.

Always Loot Gold - Bop 'til You Drop (High Fells, Night)

Prerequisites: Mithril Rhythm Stick, Complete "A Light in Dark Places," "For Orcs' Eyes Only," and "Goblin Gatecrasher" side quests

In the northern part of the region is a cave of large Orcs. Bring them the Mithril Rhythm Stick to unlock the Always Loot Gold brick.

Always Loot Emeralds - Elven Forest, Night

Prerequisites: Mithril Firework Bow, Complete "Feline Fishy" side quest

There's an elf on a platform near the Dol Guldur border. Bring the Mithril Firework Bow to him to unlock the Always Loot Emeralds brick.

Always Loot Sapphire - Mouthy Mallet (Bywater, Day)

Prerequisites: Mithril Catchphrase Mallet, Complete "Two Left Feet" side quest

Just outside of the house where you completed "Two Left Feet" is a man who requests the Mithril Catchphrase Mallet. Deliver it to unlock the Always Loot Sapphires brick.

Always Loot Silver - The Art of Combat (Erebor, Night)

Prerequisites: Mithril Tornado Axe, Complete "World's Strongest Dwarf" side quest

Another dwarf can be found in the eastern part of Erebor. Bring him the Mithril Tornado Axe to unlock the Always Loot Silver Brick.

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