LEGO The Hobbit Red Brick locations guide

Mithril Recipes (Story Mode/Free Play), Part 2 

Mithril Multi-bow - Queer Lodgings (Free Play)

Found in " Friend or Foe?" In the upper left corner is a sick squirrel. Heal it with Radagast to receive the recipe.

Mithril Bomb Blade - Flies and Spiders (Free Play)

Found in "The Elves of Mirkwood." After rescuing Bombur, there will be a cracked tile in the tree. Bust through with an axe-wielder to find the recipe on the other side.

Mithril Pickaxe - Barrels out of Bond (Free Play)

Found in "Escaping the Woodland Realm." After pulling the golden tap off the cask, there will be an exposed Mithril block. Use Saruman's magic to bust through it, releasing the recipe.

Mithril Booty Blade - A Warm Welcome (Free Play)

Found in "The Lake-town Armoury." On the top level is a rope only an acrobatic character can reach. Use one to leap to it, then climb up to reach the recipe in the rafters.

Mithril Giddy-up Staff - Looking for Proof (Free Play)

Found in "Finding the Tombs." From the start of the section, move down the stairs toward the net. Use a Goblin character to scale this to the recipe.

Mithril Wraith Armor - The Necromancer (Free Play)

Found in "The Hill of Sorcery." From the very start of the level, turn around to find a tree covered in arrow pegs. Shoot these with arrows to create leap poles, then use an acrobatic character like Legolas to reach the recipe above.

Mithril Hammerhands - On the Doorstep (Free Play)

Found in "The Last Light of Durin's Day." When crossing the collapsible ledges to the crank, you'll spot some arrow pegs. Use Legolas to shoot these, then flip across the poles to the suspended recipe.

Mithril Firework Bow - Inside Information (Story Mode)

Found in "Revenge!" There's a table with some envelopes in the middle of the ground floor. Bust it up, and the recipe will appear in wraith form. Use Frodo's Ring to grab it.

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