LEGO The Hobbit Red Brick locations guide

Mithril Recipes (Story Mode/Free Play), Part 1 

The following Mithril recipes are obtained from the game's 16 levels. Most require you to replay levels in Free Play using a variety of characters and abilities.

Mithril Stud Spade - The Greatest Kingdom in Middle-earth (Free Play)

Found in "Erebor!" When you enter the mines, look for some pegs on the north wall. Use an elf like Legolas to snipe these pegs and create jump poles, then leap up the ledge above to grab the recipe.

Mithril Tornado Axe - An Unexpected Party (Free Play)

Found in "At Your Service." First, you'll need to reach the backyard. To get there, use Saruman to blast away the Mithril lock at the end of the first hallway. Out here is a picnic blanket; park Bombur there and use food to create a trampoline out of him. Bounce to the tree branch above to pull down the suspended recipe.

Mithril Warhammer - Azog the Defiler (Free Play)

Found in "The Battle of Azanbulizar." When you reach the rocky area where the Azog battle takes place, look for a small, dark cave to the north. Enter with Sauron to light the way and bust up the Morgul chest inside; it holds the recipe.

Mithril Fishing Pole - Roast Mutton (Free Play)

Found in "Official Burglar." There's a Morgul chest just over the first log. Use an evil character like Sauron to bust it up for the recipe.

Mithril Skeleton Crank - The Troll Hoard (Free Play)

Found in "Blades and Borrowed Things." In the middle of the area is a dirt patch. Use a shovel character here to dig up the recipe.

Mithril Flail - Over Hill and Under Hill (Free Play)

Found in "High Pass." At the very start of the level, shoot an arrow into the nearby peg. Use an acrobat like Legolas to leap up these poles to a small plank holding the recipe.

Mithril Claws - Goblin Town (Story Mode)

Found in "Escaping the Goblin Tunnels." From the start of the area, move left to spot a slingshot target. Shoot this three times to drop the recipe.

Mithril Music Kit - Out of the Frying Pan (Free Play)

Found in " Climb the Trees." In the bottom left corner is a dirt patch; use a shovel character there to dig up a key. Now use an axe-wielder to bust open the cracked rock to the top right. This opens a small dark cave. Use a wizard character to light the way, then use the key to open the chest inside for the recipe.

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