LEGO The Hobbit Red Brick locations guide

Red Brick Quests, Part 1 

Red Brick quests appear as red question marks on the map. Much like the Mithril recipes, they're not too tough to track down. Remember: some quests are only available at day or night.

Studs x2 - A Flail of a Time (Hobbiton, Day)

Prerequisites: Mithril Flail

This man is found at the northern edge of town. Bring him the Mithril Flail to unlock the Studs x2 brick.

Studs x4 - Dual Wielding (High Pass, Night)

Prerequisites: Mithril Shadow Blade

This is found near the fallen giants. Head southeast to find a golden handle you can swing across using a flail character. Over here is a cave where you can follow a winding path to a high ledge. Bring the man up here the Mithril Shadow Blade to unlock the Studs x4 brick.

Studs x6 - Build Day (Moria, Night)

Prerequisites: Mithril Construction Helmet

West of the eagle statue is man by a tent. Bring him the Mithril Construction helmet to unlock the Studs x6 brick.

Studs x8 - Bilbo and the Beanstalk (Bree, Night)

Prerequisites: Mithril Beanstalk, Complete "Express Delivery," "Weighting for a Stranger," and "Heirloom in the Making" side quests

Just northwest of the eagle statue is a women standing by a cluster of totems. Bring her the Mithril Beanstalk to unlock the Suds x8 brick.

Studs x10 - Candle with Care (Elven Forest, Night)

Prerequisites: Mithril Candle Staff, Complete "Staff and Nonsense" side quest

This is found directly east of the eagle statue. Bring the lady elf here the Mithril Candle Staff to unlock the Studs x10 brick.

Disguises - World's Strongest Dwarf (Erebor, Night)

Prerequisites: Mithril Warhammer

There's a dwarf southwest of the eagle statue. Bring him the Mithril Warhammer to unlock the Disguises brick.

Boss Disguises - Booty from the Beast (Laketown, Night)

Prerequisites: Mithril Booty Blade, Complete "Ballista Assistance" and "Laketown Shake Down" side quests

Take a boat to the pier south of the city. Bring the lady out here the Mithril Booty Blade to unlock the Boss Disguises brick.

Minikit Detector - Spoils of War (Thrandull's Kingdom, Night)

Prerequisites: Mithril Bandit Gloves

There's an elf in a cave up north here. Bring here the Mithril Bandi Gloves to unlock the Minikit Detector brick.

Mini Characters - Snow and Fire (Caradrhas, Day)

Prerequisites: Mithril Snowapult, Complete "Combat Quota" and "Make Mine a Minecart" side quests

Out on the big island is a dwarf. Bring him the Mithril Snowapult to unlock the Mini Characters brick.

Fast Build - A Wish to Catch a Fish (Bywater, Day)

Prerequisites: Mithril Fishing Pole, Complete "Pie in Peril" side quest

East of the eagle statue, a woman stands by the water. Bring her the Mithril Fishing Pole to unlock the Fast Build brick.

Attract Studs - No Harm in Armour (Laketown, Night)

Prerequisites: Mithril Mirror Armour

In the northeast corner of town, a blue shirt-wearing guy is just hanging out. Bring him the Mithril Mirror Armor to unlock the Attract Studs brick.

Regen Hearts - Digger's Delight (Bywater, Day)

Prerequisites: Mithril Stud Spade, Complete "Pie in Peril" side quest

A lady at the carnival stands wants the Mithril Stud spade. Bring it to her to unlock the Regen Hearts brick.

Character Studs - Two Left Feet (Bywater, Day)

Prerequisites: Mithril Dance Boots, Complete "Pie in Peril" side quest

Enter the house in the middle of town (marked by the door icon) to find a man in need of the Mithril Dance Boots. Bring them to him to unlock the Character Studs brick.

Invincibility - Bird of Pay (Rivendell, Night)

Prerequisites: Mithril Falcon

On the eastern edge of town is an elf who wants the Mithril Falcon. Deliver it to unlock the Invincibility brick.

Mithril Hearts - The Orc Within (Dol Guldur, Night)

Prerequisites: Mithril Skull Cap, Complete "Back on the Menu" side quest

At the northern end of the hill is a skeleton. Bring him the Mithril Skull Cap to unlock the Mithril Hearts brick.

Poo Studs - Trader's Turmoil (Bree, Night)

Prerequisites: Mithril Giddy-up Staff

The trader just outside of Bree needs the Mithril Giddy-up Staff. Bring it to him to unlock the Poo Studs brick.

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