LEGO The Hobbit Red Brick locations guide

Mithril Recipes (Middle-earth), Part 1 

Mithril Horseshoes (Rivendell)

In the northeastern part of the realm, you can head down a slope to some stepping stones in the water. Leap across them to find a wooden door that opens into a secret area. Here, you must hit the correct hint stone several times (each one gives you a hint for the next) to receive another recipe.

Mithril Dance Boots (Rivendell)

To reach this, you have to head through the passage at the eastern edge of the zone (the door icon). This leads to a ropes course area. Use an acrobat like Legolas to cross the tightropes and flip poles; pull all three levers to reveal the recipe.

Mithril Catchphrase Mallet (The High Pass) 

Right by the eagle statue and waterfall are some ledges. Hop up these to find a cliff with a Mithril-locked chest. Blast away the lock with Saruman, then bust up the chest for the recipe.

Mithril Construction Hat (Radagast's House)

On the path north of the Radagast's House eagle statue is net. Climb this with a Goblin character, the step on the switch above. Continue up the platforms and bouncy mushrooms (you'll need a shovel character to grow one) to reach another hidden passage. This leads to a cave with some Mithril boulders. Clear these out with Saruman, then scoot the pedestal along the track with a great hammer character. When it stops, hop up to the platform and use Sam to light the melt the ice around a chest. Bust it open for the recipe.

Mithril Candle Staff (Dol Guldur)

From the eagle statue, follow the valley south to find passage boarded up with wraith bricks. Use Frodo's Ring to clear these out, then head inside to reach a secret grove. Here, you need three keys to access the recipe. Get the first by firing an arrow at the chest the giant owl is clutching--it's inside. Find the second by busting up the tent to the southwest, and find the third by digging up the dirt patch to the far east. Use these to open the tomb holding the recipe.

Mithril Bandit Gloves (Lake-town)

In the southwest pocket of town is house you can enter. In the basement, use a flail character to yank away the box with the gold handle. Bust this up for a crank, which you use to lower a gate and access a switch. Step on this to reveal an arrow target; shoot this to reveal a slingshot target. Shoot this three times to lower the other gate, giving you access to two more slingshot targets. Set these two to red (left) and blue (right) to drop a chest into the room. Open this for a key to the main chest, containing the recipe.

Mithril Snowapult (Dale)

On the rooftops in Dale (get there via the Goblin net at the south end of town) are eight red flags. Destroy them all within the time limit to spawn the recipe.

Mithril Falcon (Erebor)

For the final recipe, head south from the Erebor eagle statue. Here is a house you scale via a Dwarf Stack and flail swinging. Get to the roof and bust up the crates to uncover the last recipe.

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