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Mithril Recipes (Middle-earth), Part 1 

The following Mithril recipes are obtained from the open world. They require a variety of characters and abilities. They are marked on the map with an envelope icon, so tracking down the location isn't tough.

Mithril Stud Spade (Hobbiton)

In the western part of town is a recipe locked in an outhouse. Use Frodo at the nearby fishing jetty to reel in a crank, then use this to open the outhouse.

Mithril Megapult (Hobbiton)

On the eastern path out of town is this sealed cave. You need to unlock it with the correct colour combination of slingshot targets. Use an appropriate character to set them to green, blue, and red. With the cave open, head inside and bust up the chest for the recipe.

Mithril Mushroom Crown (Bree)

This is found at the northern end of town. There's a wooden door that will open for you, leading into a small cave. In here, you want to crawl through various dwarf shafts to grab the key and open the chest containing the recipe.

Mithril Shadow Blade (Weathertop)

Directly south of the mountain is a large locked door. Read the hint nearby to spawn a purple and yellow sign. Follow the yellow arrows--go opposite of any purple ones--to eventually uncover a dirt patch. Dig the key from this with a shovel character, and open the locked door. Head through the cave that opens to reach a hidden shrine. Use an archer to shoot the targets in the water and cross safely, then offer the correct loot at the statues to receive the recipe.

Mithril Skull Cap (Trollshaws)

Head south from the Trollshaws eagle statue to find this locked door. Use a wizard to bust the magic rock nearby, then step on the revealed switch. This activates some ledges leading to above the locked door; head up them and turn the crank to open the way forward. Use a wizard character to traverse the dark cave, and you'll find a series of blue orbs. Hit this with more magic to reveal the recipe.

Mithril Beanstalk (Moria)

This is found northeast of the Moria eagle statue. Follow the path as it wraps north. When it starts snowing, look for these Mithril rocks. Clear them out with an attack from Saruman to uncover a recipe.

Mithril Slippers (Elven Forest)

Head to the river directly south from the Elven Forest eagle statue. Use a war hammer character to push the large block into the stream, then step over to the jetty. Use Frodo to fish out a crank, then use this to raise some columns out of the river. Hop up with Legolas, then switch to Saruman to pop open the Mithril chest atop the highest column--it holds the recipe.

Mithril Rhythm Stick (Rivendell)

This is found at the southern edge of the area. Look for a rowboat in the roaring waters, and hop in. Row the boat to the left to reach a tiny island by some waterfalls. Use Saruman to break open the Mithril chest here, revealing the recipe.

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