This Lego Black Panther set is awesome but will burn a hole through your wallet

LEGO Black Panther set on display
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An enormous Lego Black Panther set has just been unveiled - but it comes with an equally big price tag.

Set for launch this October 1, the near-life size Lego Black Panther set weighs in at $349.99 / £299.99 via the official Lego store (where it's an exclusive, meaning it isn't likely to turn up on Amazon any time soon). The kit is made up of almost 3,000 pieces and is recommended for ages 18 and up. 

Hitting an impressive height of 19 inches, this blocky version of T'Challa's helmet can be displayed as a bust or with crossed arms in the now-iconic "Wakanda forever" salute. Because its clawed hands come with fully articulated fingers, the Lego Black Panther set can also be posed however you want. It's got a removable panther tooth necklace, too.

While this may seem very expensive for a Lego set, it's not unusual for more complex kits in the 'Adults Welcome' range. As an example, the Lego Optimus Prime set is pricey enough to make some wince… but it's one of the best Lego sets nonetheless thanks to impressive attention to detail. Similarly, the Ultimate Collector kits from Star Wars are hyper-detailed and upsettingly handsome.

Despite there being cheaper alternatives in the form of Lego helmets (featuring the likes of Venom and Iron Man for roughly $70 / £60), T'Challa is yet to get that treatment. As such, this is the only option unless you want to go photo-realistic with the new Black Panther helmet from Hasbro.

You can see more details for the Lego Black Panther set below.

Lego Black Panther | $349.99 at

Lego Black Panther | $349.99 at
Releases October 1 - Made up of 2,961 and catering to the 18+ collector audience, this is a massive kit that reaches 19 inches tall and 16 inches wide. It features detachable clawed hands with posable fingers as well as a removable necklace.

UK price: £299.99 at

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