Wow! Just wow. Watch Nintendo Switch totally sell out on Amazon in 81 seconds

***Update 10.01am UK time: Yeah, it sold out in 81 seconds. Check out the video above. But don't worry, as the £299 with Mario Kart and 1-2-Switch bundle at is still in stock. Check it out!***

Nintendo Switch + 1-2-Switch + Mario Kart 8 £299 (was £340): So, you missed out on the Mario deal? Or just don't want it? Get this instead - these games are cracking too!

***Original story***

It's back! Kinda! The Nintendo Switch bundle that sold out in 126 seconds on Black Friday is returning to be one of the best Cyber Monday gaming deals of 2017. It was originally £269 for a Switch + Mario Odyssey, but now you can get the console with Super Mario Odyssey AND Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. That's a new Switch and two top games for less than £300. Be warned, though, it'll sell out faster than the very hottest of hot cakes. It goes on sale as an Amazon lightning deal at 10am UK time on Monday, November 27.

Nintendo Switch + Super Mario Odyssey and Mario Rabbids Kingdom Battle - £299 (was £350): A Switch with two top games. Delivered this week? Yes, you want it.

This is probably your last chance to make big savings on a Nintendo Switch in 2017, so you need to decide now. Both Super Mario Odyssey and Mario + Rabbids are among the best Switch games, so it's not like Amazon is sweeping all the garbage out of its warehouse. However, if you really don't fancy that deal, there are plenty of other Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch deals available with various combinations of that deal.

And, I can't stress enough... you need to be ready and waiting at 10am on Monday morning (UK), logged into Amazon, ready to buy, as this will sell out in seconds. And if you've scooped either of these bundles, you may need to check out our Cyber Monday Switch deals for accessories and more games. Prepare your body, ignore the little red numbers on your bank balance, and bring on the bargains!