Kingdom Hearts 3 True Captain award guide - how to sink 200 enemy ships in The Caribbean

If you want to unlock the Kingdom Hearts 3 True Captain trophy or achievement as you sail around the huge ocean found in The Caribbean, you're going to need to take down those Heartless ships that regularly attack you. There is a big ask here, as you need to send 200 of these Kingdom Hearts 3 pirate wannabes down to Davy Jones' locker, and given there's usually only three of them that spawn at a time you could be in this for the long haul. If you're having a hard time making up the numbers, we've got some tips here for earning the Kingdom Hearts 3 True Captain award.

Finish The Caribbean story first

As you’d expect during Sora, Donald and Goofy’s adventures with Captain Jack Sparrow, you spend a lot of time aboard the Leviathan ship, fighting against the Heartless. As you trawl through the sea, you’ll fight a number of enemy ships from the Port Royal Waters to Shipwreck Cove. Make sure you finish the story for The Caribbean before you embark on your ship sinking endeavours, because it means you’ll have fewer to sink as you free roam.

Make sure you fully power up the Leviathan

When you first touch base in Port Royal, you discover that you can level up the Leviathan by collecting white crabs. As explained in our Dreadnought award guide, the maximum level for the Leviathan is nine, and you need to collect 1700 Kingdom Hearts 3 white crabs to do this. Focus on finding all the white crabs first, and your Leviathan ship will be much more powerful and capable of taking out multiple enemy ships in quick succession.

Aim for the glowing weak spots

Every enemy ship you come across will have a glowing orb somewhere on the outside. Green orbs indicate the ship is one of the weakest, blue orbs mean it's stronger, then red orbs are the strongest type of ship you'll come up against. Once you fully power up the Leviathan you'll be capable of taking out the green orb ships in one shot, as long as your cannons connect with the orbs. Focus on these weak spots for every ship and you'll do huge amounts of damage compared to normal hits.

Use your water wall for incoming shots

Along with spamming cannon shots at enemy ships, when they return fire you have one defensive technique that they don't: the water wall. Pressing Circle/B will throw up a wall of water that acts like a shield and will protect you from any and all incoming shots. It only lasts for a few seconds though, so make sure you time it well as the shots start flying in.

You don't need to board the red ships to sink them

When you take down a huge ship with red glowing orbs at the end of a skirmish, you'll have the opportunity to board it. This will start a fight between your team and some Heartless monsters, and at the end you'll be rewarded with a few items like potions and elixirs. While this can be worth it for the rewards, you don't need to do it to sink the ship. If you want to get through as many ships as possible, simply ignore the option to board and sail away.

Use the three unique ship actions for immense power

Just like in normal combat, when you land enough hits on enemy ships, you have an opportunity to use more powerful attacks with Triangle/Y. The Tidal Wave propels your ship into the sky, so you can come crashing down on the enemy ships and create a huge destructive wave. Raging Cannons commences a series of much more powerful cannon shots that fire automatically; all you need to do is keep your aim on the enemy ships. Finally, the Wind Chaser fires a plethora of homing shots at all the enemy ships in your vicinity. Use these whenever available and you'll slice through Heartless ships like butter.

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