Kingdom Hearts 3 secret ending - how to unlock the epilogue

You may have finished the game and seen the standard conclusion, and even tried to make sense of it by checking out our Kingdom Hearts 3 ending explained guide, but were you aware that there's also a Kingdom Hearts 3 secret ending to uncover? Fans of the series will not be surprised that the plot for Kingdom Hearts 3 has the usual twists, turns, and tough to follow complexity, but if you manage to access the Kingdom Hearts 3 secret ending then you'll most likely end up even more baffled than you were before. This additional ending is titled "Epilogue: Lost Secrets", and rather than spoiling it for you in this guide we'll instead show you everything you need to do so you can unlock the Kingdom Hearts 3 secret ending and watch it for yourself.

How to unlock the Kingdom Hearts 3 secret ending

To unlock the Kingdom Hearts 3 secret ending, you're going to need to find and photograph a bunch of lucky emblems. There are 90 to find, but luckily for you, we've got the location for all of the Kingdom Hearts 3 lucky emblems. From Hercules' stomping ground in Olympus to the Big Hero 6 crew in San Fransokyo, and even Rabbit's house in 100 Acre Wood, we've covered every lucky emblem in the game so you can find them all quickly and unlock the Kingdom Hearts 3 epilogue called Lost Secrets.

The exact amount you need to find to unlock the Lost Secrets epilogue is actually determined by the difficulty you're playing on. If you opted for Beginner at the start of the game, you'll need to find all 90 lucky emblems but if you're on Normal, that number will be lower. If you're a Kingdom Hearts veteran and you're playing on Proud mode, then you'll have to find even fewer according to director Tetsuya Nomura in an interview with Famitsu

How to watch the Kingdom Hearts 3 secret ending

When you've found all of the lucky emblems in the game, a pop-up should appear to notify you that you've unlocked the secret ending. To actually view the Lost Secrets epilogue, you need to navigate back to the main menu and scroll down to Theatre. Scroll right down to the bottom and below Ending, you'll have Epilogue. Inside Epilogue is Lost Secrets. The secret ending is only a few minutes long, but it features a few familiar faces and also some seemingly brand new ones. Definitely worth a watch, especially if you weren't quite satisfied with the Kingdom Hearts 3 ending.

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