Kingdom Hearts 3 Classic Kingdom game locations and how to unlock the Classic Tone keyblade and Classically Trained award

There are plenty of Kingdom Hearts 3 Classic Kingdom games for you to uncover as you hop through Disney worlds with your party. If you need a rest from trying to take down Organisation XIII and battling the Heartless in Kingdom Hearts 3 then these mini-games, which you'll be able to play through your Gummiphone, can provide a nice distraction. 

You'll need to find 23 of them if you're looking to fill out you in-game mobile gaming collection, and get the Classic Tone Keyblade - great for magic players, by the way. Setting a high score in each game will also net you the Clasically Trained trophy/achievement as a bonus. Here's everything you need to know about all the Kingdom Hearts 3 Classic Kingdom games locations.

1. Giantland

You’ll be given the Kingdom Hearts 3 Classic Kingdom game, Giantland, as part of the story when you reach Twilight Town for the first time.

2. Mickey, The Mail Pilot

Mickey, The Mail Pilot will be available from the Twilight Town bulletin board when you return to the world after finishing that section of the story. 

3. The Musical Farmer

The Musical Farmer is the third Kingdom Hearts 3 Classic Kingdom games and it can be found from the same place as Mickey, The Mail Pilot, the next time you visit Twilight Town.

4. Building A Building

When you finish the 100 Acre Wood story, you’ll be able to grab Building A Building from the bulletin board too.

5. The Mad Doctor

The Mad Doctor will be on the Twilight Town bulletin board when you return to the world after 100 Acre Wood.

6. Mickey Cuts Up

In Toy Box - Galaxy Toys, take the green rail from the ball dispenser in the middle of the ground floor. This will take you into the roof of Galaxy Toys, with two chests. The red one has another Kingdom Hearts 3 Classic Kingdom game known as Mickey Cuts Up.

7. Taxi Troubles

Warp to the Galaxy Toys - Lower Vents and a red chest will be in the same room, against the grating with Taxi Troubles inside.

8. The Barnyard Battle

In the Kid Korral area of Galaxy Toys, head through the tunnels at the far end then take the first right into the small room with the three windows that overlook the ball pit. There’s a purple chest inside with The Barnyard Battle Classic Kingdom game. 

9. The Wayward Canary

Over to the Kingdom of Corona now and you want to spawn at the Wildflower Clearing. From the save point you should be able to see a red chest containing The Wayward Canary.

10. Camping Out

Go over to the Forest Tower, turn around and leave through the long cave. Take an immediate right and enter the smaller cave, where you’ll find Camping Out.

11. The Karnival Kid

For the final Classic Kingdom game in the Kingdom of Corona, go to the Thoroughfare and on the right-hand side of the street you’ll see a chest behind a crowd of people. Perform on the barrel to make them move so you can open it and add the The Karnival Kid to your arsenal of Kingdom Hearts 3 Classic Kingdom games. 

12. How To Play Golf

Go to the Factory Ground Floor in Monstropolis and take the elevator up one level. Run past all the enemies until you reach the hallway with the yellow staircase. Keep going to the end then take a left onto the conveyor belt and run all the way back along it. Drop down the shelves and you’ll be in a small room with a chest containing How To Play Golf.

13. Mickey’s Circus

Move on to the Power Plant Tank Yard and if you didn’t destroy them on your first playthrough, there will be some red containers in the middle of the room. Use the hook to go back up through the roof, then dive back down and destroy the red containers as you fall to reveal a pink chest with Mickey’s Circus.

14. Barnyard Sports

On to Arendelle and you’ll find Barnyard Sports near the Labyrinth of Ice Lower Tier. Climb the wall opposite the save point and you’ll find it inside a small room.

15. The Klondike Kid

Spawn at the North Mountain Gorge then go back the way you came for a few steps until you find a drop off the mountain to the side. If you’ve jumped off anywhere then you’ve gone too far. Hop down onto the ledge and the pink chest will have The Klondike Kid.

16. Mickey’s Kitten Catch

From the North Mountain Snowfield, go south and down a few drops until you reach the large open area with three paths. Near the northern path is a chest with Mickey’s Kitten Catch high on a ledge, which you have to run all the way round and defeat some Nobodies to reach.

17. Fishin’ Frenzy

For the first Kingdom Hearts 3 Classic Kingdom game in The Caribbean, spawn at the Undersea Cavern in The High Seas, then turn around and go up the slope. Swim past the jellyfish and ignore the first turning on your right until you get to the end, then go right and swim past the Water Cores that spawn. Keep going and you’ll find Fishin’ Frenzy in a chest at the end of a tight passage.

18. Beach Party

Hop aboard your ship and travel up to Confinement Island in the northern waters. In the middle of the island is a big chest with Beach Party inside.

19. Mickey’s Prison Escape

Over to Port Royal now and Mickey’s Prison Escape is inside the Fort. Go into the jail cells area and you’ll find it there, inside the second cell from the right.

20. Cast Out To Sea

Back out to The High Seas for the final Kingdom Hearts 3 Classic Kingdom game in The Caribbean, and you want to go to Isla Verdamontana. On the beach is a red crate that can’t be destroyed yet. Progress through the island until you come to a rocky opening that overlooks the beach you started on. Leap off and dive attack the crate to reveal the chest for Cast Out To Sea.

21. How To Play Baseball

For the final three Classic Kingdom games, head on over to San Fransokyo. How To Play Baseball is on top of the building directly north of the South District save point, with the giant M on all four sides and the red metal tower on top.

22. Mickey’s Mechanical Man

Carry on going directly north and on a rooftop further down - when you reach the Central District - you’ll spot a red circle with a white trim. There’s a pink chest inside containing Mickey’s Mechanical Man.

23. Mickey Steps Out

For the final Classic Kingdom game, look for the enormous blue building with a red trim around the top and Japanese writing. Head to the northern side then leap off the top. At the bottom is an advertising pillar that you can dive smash to earn Mickey Steps Out.

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