How to find all the Kingdom Hearts 3 Constellations


One of the most surprising new developments in Kingdom Hearts 3 is the Gummi Ship partition of the game, which Square Enix has fleshed out into an open world full of riches and foes. Alongside the Heartless invaders and treasure spheres, there’s also a new collectible to catalogue when you’re exploring in your custom aircraft, which is tied to the Stargazer achievement - Kingdom Hearts 3 Constellations.

Once you follow our instructions to the designated location, pull out your Gummiphone and make sure the constellation is lined up properly and you’re facing the right way. Once you’ve got that figured out, you’re all set. Here’s how to find and photograph all the Kingdom Hearts 3 Constellations.

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Bomb Constellation  

Directly to the right of Olympus Coliseum, this constellation is very easy to spot. Try not to trigger the animation that asks if you want to enter the world. Perhaps double back a bit and go around. Regardless, head to the right of the world and you should see the spheres floating with ease. 

Moogle Constellation

You can pick this one up to the right of the Toy Box world when you’re facing it, though it isn’t as close as the Olympus Coliseum constellation. It’s quite a way away to the right, but just trust us and follow the curve of the map, and you can’t miss it. 

Cactuar Constellation 

Embark at the Kingdom of Corona, turn around and look towards it and then check the spears of rock to your right. You should see one of the green spheres that constitute a constellation hidden in the asteroid field, so head over to it and photograph it. This Kingdom Hearts 3 constellation is quite well hidden but once you pick it out it's an easy snap. 

Imp Constellation

Go to Waypoint MST-01 in the Misty Stream galaxy zone and make a hard right as soon as you spawn.  You should be taken through a canyon corridor before arriving in a more open zone. To the bottom left of the massive rock that is now right in front of you, you should see the Kingdom Hearts 3 constellation. 

Tonberry Constellation 

The easy way to find this one is to head right from the Imp Constellation and follow the world boundary. In the sky up above you, you should see the next constellation floating in between two rocks. It looks a bit like a lowercase e. Boost towards it and snap that Tonberry!

Endymion Constellation

Embark at The Caribbean world and turn around to face the skull of Jack Sparrow. Look to the right and then follow the world boundary and the Endymion should be very easy to spot.

Ultros Constellation

In the Eclipse Galaxy, spawn at the Keyblade Graveyard and simply look up above you when the game gives you control. There will be a constellation there depicting Ultros. It can be quite finicky to snap but just fly far enough away and come back to it if necessary.

Bismarck Constellation

Now, turn tail from the Omega Constellation and head back to Waypoint ECL-03. On your way back look up and to your left. Way up in the sky you should see the final constellation behind one of those blue nebula booster tracks amidst more asteroids. Head up there and snap the Bismarck, the final constellation.