Kingdom Hearts 3 Battlegates: How to find all the Secret Reports

Although it isn't immediately made clear, once you've beaten the game you'll be granted access to the Kingdom Hearts 3 Battlegates, which are combat trials where you'll fight with a selection of the hardest enemies found in Kingdom Hearts 3 - including some that you won't have encountered previously. For each of these Battlegates you complete, you'll earn one of the many Kingdom Hearts 3 secret reports to add to your collection. We've got all the information you need to gather these secret reports, including details of where all the Kingdom Hearts 3 Battlegate locations are and which enemies you'll going face to face with.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Battlegate 0

This first Kingdom Hearts 3 Battlegate is unmissable, and will appear during normal gameplay once you make it to the Skein of Severance and particularly, the Trial of Valediction, where the spiky blue icon rocks up next to your save point and Moogle shop. Head in there for a battle with multiple heartless at the Dark Margin. Unfortunately, this one does not reward you with any reports, and is more of a training exercise for what is to come.  

Kingdom Hearts 3 Battlegate 1

Head back to Olympus Coliseum to start your Battlegate hunt. The first one is in the Realm of the Gods. If you travel to the Summit and head up the stairs, it will be situated straight ahead of you, exactly where you fought the Lich in the endgame of Kingdom Hearts 3. Head in there for a scrap and you will receive Secret Report 1. 

Kingdom Hearts 3 Battlegate 2

This Battlegate is also in Olympus Coliseum, right at the end of the map. Go see Zeus once more at the peak of the realm by riding the light rails up to the Apex, then head through the gates and get ready to fight two massive boss Heartless, similar to the boss fight held here in the main game. For your trouble you will receive Secret Report 2 and a Cosmic Belt defence item.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Battlegate 3

The third Battlegate is the only one in Twilight Town, and you can find it quickly by heading to The Old Mansion save point and walking outside of the gates to where you first meet Ansem and Xemnas in the campaign. Head into the battle but be prepared for a difficult scrap, as the boss of this fight is a strange Nobody that wields damaging boxes. It’s highly mobile so use lots of magic to slow it down and punish it with Formchanges to win. Once you topple it, you’ll pick up Secret Report 3 and an Evanescent Crystal, which is an important Synthesis item. 

Kingdom Hearts 3 Battlegate 4 

Jump back into the Toy Box for this Battlegate. Simply spawn at the Kid Corral save point and the gate will be right in front of you. In this engagement you will be sent back to the location where you fought the boss of this level in the campaign, with the toys scattered all over the shop. It's a fairly easy battle, and once you make it through you will pick up Secret Report 4 and an equippable Megalixir.  

Kingdom Hearts 3 Battlegate 5

The fifth Battlegate is down on the bottom floor of Galaxy Toys right where you enter. Turn around just a tad and you should see the gate off to the side. Head in there and get ready to fight multiple Gigas. For this battle, you want to fight with fire and hop in your own mech suit, which makes short work of most of the enemies. Once you’re done, you’ll receive Secret Report 5 and be well on your way to understanding the secrets of this game.  

Kingdom Hearts 3 Battlegate 6

Head to the Kingdom of Corona and the world of Tangled to seek out the most difficult Battlegate to find. If you head from the tower all the way through the caves and into the location with the massive orange rocks, seek out an enclosed basin in the north west area of the map near the mine and the Battlegate will be sitting there, ready for you to take it on. Defeat the foes and gain Secret Report 6. 

Kingdom Hearts 3 Battlegate 7 

Still in Corona, you can find this one fairly easily by spawning at Rapunzel’s tower and heading through the cave behind you, then walking off to your right into an outcrop where the blue icon should be sitting. Get ready to fight plenty of dandelions and an overwhelming amount of Heartless. For your trouble, Secret Report 7 will be yours, as well an Illusory Crystal and the ‘Palm of your hand’ selfie pose.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Battlegate 8

The first and only gate in Monstropolis, you can find this one by spawning at the Tank Yard and riding the broken pipe on your left all the way up and through the building into a silo. This fight is a pushover, and rewards you with Secret Report 8 and an Illusory Crystal synthesis item. 

Kingdom Hearts 3 Battlegate 9

Now in Arendelle, take Sora to the precarious Labyrinth of Ice waypoint and climb the flowing rock face to the middle floor of the structure. Once you’ve done that it should be right in front of you in the main room once you cross the bridge. Watch out for the Buster Sword Nobody that may sideline and body you if you don't bring plenty of healing items. Wipe it out to pick up Secret Report 9 and an Evanescent Crystal.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Battlegate 10

Head over to The Caribbean and spawn at the entrance to the underwater cave. Swim all the way through until you reach the point where you find your ship in the campaign (essentially where you surface after the jellyfish pools) and the gate should be sitting there ripe for the taking. Prepare for a dangerous battle with many pirate Heartless, but wonderful rewards in Secret Report 10 and the ‘Yoink’ selfie pose.  

Kingdom Hearts 3 Battlegate 11

Number 11 requires a short stay in San Fransokyo, where you want to head out to the city during daytime and find the railway that runs through the map, resulting in a tunnel in the north west partition of the city. Just before the tunnel you should find this gate, which offers a bombastic fight on the Golden Gate Bridge with a massive mecha. For your trouble, you will receive Secret Report 11 and the ‘Finger smack’ selfie pose.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Battlegate 12

This gate is also in San Fransokyo, and is on top of the tower where you fought evil Baymax at the end of this world in the campaign mode. You want to use Aeroga for this battle to keep the enemies in check on the small platform. Once you’ve picked everybody off you will earn Secret Report 12. 

Kingdom Hearts 3 Battlegate 13

This unlucky Battlegate is hiding out in the Keyblade Graveyard. Turn around at the first spawn point to see it and get ready for a fight with a gigantic Heartless dinosaur. Make sure you use the attraction Formchanges like Splash Run to get an edge on this fiery foe. Once you’ve slain the nightmare, you will pick up a Celestriad and your final collectible, Secret Report 13. 

Kingdom Hearts 3 Battlegate 14

Yes, there is no secret collectible received for this gate, but that’s because it's far different than any other challenge you’ve faced so far. Behind gate number 14 is the Dark Inferno, a secret boss battle that will seriously test your mettle. Go in with your abilities and items in check and don’t be afraid to use Rage Form when your health drops low and you need a means to punish the competition. It may take you a good few tries but once you defeat this truly terrifying beast you will receive the Crystal Regalia, an equippable item that bolsters your stats significantly. 

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