Kingdom Hearts 3 Centurion award guide - how to get 12 million score on Verum Rex: Beat of Lead

If you want to earn the Kingdom Hearts 3 Centurion trophy or achievement then you've got your work cut out for you, as you need to rack up a score of 12 million or more on Verum Rex: Beat of Lead - one of many mini-games that can be played in Kingdom Hearts 3. To access it, go to the third floor of Galaxy Toys in Toy Box, and once you've initially beaten the game you can keep visiting Verum Rex to try and improve your score. Hitting the 12 million target is hard if you don't employ the right tactics, so we'll lay out everything you need to know in this Kingdom Hearts 3 Centurion award guide.

Use the explosive Giga

The Giga you start with - the explosive one - is the best Giga for this challenge, because it has the fastest fire rate. Aside from the Prime Gigas that spawn in further down the line, most of the other Gigas fall in one or two shots, which means the fast fire rate is absolutely necessary.

On top of that, the explosive special weapon recharges the fastest and is the best for taking out multiple groups of Gigas at once. While you may prefer to tackle or shoot cannons in Toy Box, the starter explosive Giga is the best in Verum Rex: Beat of Lead.

Figure out the best starting actions

At the very start, you have to jump in your ship right in front of you and the only enemies will be advancing from the glass circle in the middle. From here on it’s up to you; figure out what works and the best way to get some huge multi kills.

Our best path involved shooting two of the Gigas advancing up the ramp, then flying over the rest and looking to the platform opposite where you spawn. As long as you kill two of the ones pushing the ramp, a huge cluster will spawn right next to the explosive sphere, which you can swiftly take out. Turn around and by that point, the pink rings will be about to light up, so shoot out the glass and the rest of the initial Gigas will fall to their doom.

Traps are vital

There are three different types of trap in the Kingdom Hearts 3 Verum Rex: Beat of Lead arena. The first are the obvious explosive spheres placed around the edges. Gigas usually tend to spawn right next to these, so as soon as you see some of those red exclamation marks appear, fire a few shots toward one to blow them up before they can move.

Around the bottom of the central part of the arena are a series of pink rings that periodically flash up. This is an electric trap, and if any Gigas are on the glass platform above it, you can shoot the glass to shatter it and make them fall down, resulting in an instant kill. Pay attention to when the pink lights appear, then as soon as you see them with Gigas above, focus all your attention on destroying the glass.

The final trap involves the two yellow construction claws that are on rails, circling around the top of the arena. These are filled with crystals that shatter as they drop, and to make that happen, you simply need to shoot them. This will cause the claw to drop a few crystals for a couple of seconds; if there are Gigas chasing you and a claw is passing overhead, shoot it to get a sweet multi kill.

Maintain a combo

The only way you’re going to beat the 12 million score is by keeping a combo running at all times. This is achieved by killing Gigas in quick succession. As soon as you’ve killed some Gigas, focus on just eliminating another one. Even if you’re waiting for a Giga to run past a trap so you can get a trap kill, if it would mean you’ll lose your combo, don’t bother. Just kill it.

Speed is of the essence

At the end, you’ll receive bonus points depending on how fast you beat the level. We smashed through the 12 million threshold by completing it in just over three minutes, so that’s a good time to aim for as long as you’re following all of the other tips. Beating it in that time but without using any traps won’t net you very many points; be creative with your kills and think outside of the box to increase your score.

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