Kingdom Hearts 3 white crabs - How to find them, fully power up the Leviathan and earn that Dreadnought award

The Caribbean in Kingdom Hearts 3 introduces two brand new mechanics, despite it being one of the final worlds you visit. The first is that you can now swim and fight underwater, which is necessary if you want to explore everywhere. The second is the Leviathan; a huge pirate ship that Sora is the captain of - and that happens to run on the power of Kingdom Hearts 3 white crabs. You can take the Leviathan out on the open waters near Port Royal, travel to different islands and fight Heartless ships.

When you first arrive in Port Royal, Captain Jack Sparrow introduces you to the concept of these white crabs. You have to collect 300 of them before you’re allowed to venture out, but to unlock the Kingdom Hearts 3 Dreadnought trophy or achievement and fully power up the Leviathan, you need to find a lot more than that. Level nine is the maximum and for that, you need 1700 white crabs. Here are some tips to unlocking the Dreadnought trophy or achievement, fully powering up the Leviathan and finding all of those pesky Kingdom Hearts 3 white crabs.

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Smash EVERY crate and barrel

With some wooden crates and barrels, you’ll know if there are Kingdom Hearts 3 white crabs inside because it will be shaking, or even more obviously - the crabs will be carrying it as they walk around. These are great white crab sources, but you want to make sure you’re smashing all of the seemingly normal ones too. White crabs can be hidden inside and even if they’re not, you’ll either get an item or munny.

Visit every single island

Looking at the charts will show you all of the small islands dotted around the waters, and you want to ensure you visit every single one. Even if it’s unnamed; head on over there, jump out and swim around because there can often be some hidden nooks and crannies containing crates, barrels, or simply crabs lying on the ocean floor.

Remember to check underwater

While the walking barrels and shaking crates will only appear on land, a lot of the containers half-lodged in the ocean floor will also contain Kingdom Hearts 3 white crabs - not to mention the individual crabs you’ll be able to spot from a mile away. Dive underwater and make sure you’re looking absolutely everywhere.

Heartless ships can often drop white crabs

As you sail around, you’ll often find yourself under siege by Heartless ships that appear in a cloud of smoke. We’ve got some advice for taking them out in our Kingdom Hearts 3 True Captain award guide, and you’re going to want to follow it because for each one you eliminate, you’ll earn a couple of white crabs.

Barrels and crates with white crabs can respawn

If you’ve visited every island and cleared out Port Royal of all the white crabs you can find, but you still don’t have enough then don’t fret. They often respawn, so simply retread some of the ground you’ve already explored and you should be able to find more than enough.