Kingdom Hearts 3 Flanmeister award guide - Flantastic Seven mission and Flans locations

You'll encounter many weird and wonderful characters in this latest instalment to the series, but one of the most unusual are the Kingdom Hearts 3 Flans. These gigantic monsters represent different types of flan dessert, with their flavour denoted by the fruit attached to their head, and they are unlocked in turn as you complete each world. In order to unlock the Flanmeister trophy or achievement in Kingdom Hearts 3, you'll have to beat each of the Flantastic Seven missions, so to help you out with that we have all of the Kingdom Hearts 3 Flan locations and details of how to clear every Flantastic Seven mission.

Cherry Flan - Olympus

Spawn at the Thebes Overlook save point and head up the stairs. Keep going and you'll come across the Cherry Flan in front of a huge door.

For this Flantastic Seven mission, you hop aboard Goofy's shield just like you do with the Trinity Sled ability, and you have to hit as many Flans as you can as you slide around Olympus. It's not a tricky one to complete; just try not to collide with any walls and slide over the orange arrows for speed boosts.

Strawberry Flan - Toy Box

Head to the Galaxy Toys Rest Area and the Strawberry Flan is right in front of the vending machines.

In this Flan minigame, you're inside one of the tea cups from the Mad Tea Cups attraction ability. All you need to do is hit as many Flans as you can to stack them above your tea cup. Make sure you avoid any of the Flans rolling around on the huge balls, because they will knock Flans off of your stack.

Blood Orange Flan - Kingdom of Corona

Head to the Forest Hills then turn around and run past all the enemies, right to the area you start at when you first arrived at Kingdom of Corona. There you'll find the Blood Orange Flan.

Whip out the Gummiphone because the Blood Orange Flan is all about taking photos. There are seven Flans in the vicinity, and you need to wait for them to strike the perfect pose before you take a photo. There's a couple that are sliding around; wait for them to give you a thumbs up before taking a photo for that Excellent score. For the floating ones, take a photo right when they're at the top of their ascent before the fall again, then with the group of Flans up the hill, you need to capture them all looking outwards rather than in a huddle. Finally, wait for the hiding Flan in the water to poke its head out and you should be able to get seven Excellent ratings for a high score.

Banana Flan - Monstropolis

The Monstropolis Banana Flan is a little harder to find than the rest. Spawn at the Factory Basement, then turn right and head through the white door against the wall. Run all the way through the Door Vault to the wall of doors, then take the left-most brown door that Mike says will take you back to the laugh floor. Turn around and head through the tunnel, and you'll see the Banana Flan right in front of a lucky emblem in the doors on the far wall.

This is a tricky one, because you have to take out as many of the small Flans as you can without the big Flan eating you. Each of the smaller ones dies in one hit which makes it easier, but if you take your eyes off the big dessert for just a second, it could eat you and end your attempt. Area of effect spells like Thundara are great for this, as you can take out multiple small Flans in one go.

Grape Flan - Arendelle

To find the Grape Flan in the snowy mountains of Arendelle, spawn at the North Mountain Ridge where you'll find Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven. Look to your left and you'll see a launch pad. Jump on it and soar down the side of the mountain, because below you is a clearing with the Grape Flan.

This Flantastic Seven mission is simple, but not easy. You just have to kill as many of the Flans as you can within the time limit, but they don't die in one hit like in Monstropolis. They also fire grape juice at you, which knocks you back if you're not paying attention, but you can also grind on it to zoom over to the offending Flan and dish out some grape flavoured justice.

Watermelon Flan - The Caribbean

Spawn at the Fort and head through the archway to your right to find the Watermelon Flan.

Flans are invading the Fort! In a game similar to something like Space Invaders, you control the four cannons at the front of the Fort from a zoomed out perspective. You need to run between them and shoot at all the Flans that appear before they advance on the Fort and eat you. You can also hit the bell in the middle to fire all four cannons at once, three times consecutively, but don't rely on it because it takes a while to replenish.

Melon Flan - San Fransokyo

The Melon Flan will only appear at night time, so spawn in the South District at night then run up the building directly behind you. It's found on one of the buildings directly next to the building with the big M near the top.

This is another easy one, because all you have to do is bounce on top of the Flans and avoid the ones with their mouths open trying to eat you. When a Flan is sparkling gold, it will earn you an Excellent score an you'll get bounced all the way to a different building somewhere else in the city. Do this enough times without missing a Flan or being eaten and you'll be able to complete it without any problems.

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