Where to find Kingdom Hearts 3 Olaf pieces, if you want to build a snowman in Arendelle

Once you've spent a bit of time exploring Arendelle, you'll eventually meet up with Olaf, and it's clear that our favourite Frozen snowman has got himself into a spot of bother. He's literally gone to pieces, with his parts spread across the area, so it's up to you to located all of the Kingdom Hearts 3 Olaf pieces and put him back together again. This can be harder than it sounds, as there are also decoy torsos lying around the place to distract you, which isn't a phrase we expected to hear ourselves say in relation to Kingdom Hearts 3. Anyway, if you're searching out all of the Kingdom Hearts 3 Olaf pieces then read on, as we've got all the information you need.

Where is Olaf's head?

As you run around the small frozen lake and surrounding paths, you’ll be able to hear Olaf shouting. Goofy and Donald will give you hints, by saying that he sounds louder or far away, and Olaf’s cries mention being stuck in snow. He’s somehow managed to get himself trapped inside a huge snowy ball.

You’ll find him behind the icy trees on the opposite side of the frozen lake from where Anna, Kristoff, and Sven are waiting. Jump on top of the ball and you’ll be able to roll around, making Olaf dizzy inside. You’re going to want to crash into the rock face to smash the ball open, revealing Olaf’s head.

Where is Olaf's body?

There are four objects which you can examine, hiding around the area, all of which could resemble Olaf’s body. You only need to find the correct one, which is the hardest to discover. Run up the waterfall to the very top and ignore the misshapen body sat there. Instead, take a right and start sliding down the snowy slope. Halfway down you want to jump off to the right and land on the small clearing, which is where you’ll find his real body.

Where are Olaf's legs?

Once you have his head and body, Goofy will suggest that he may have seen Olaf’s legs “leggin’ about”. Head to the frozen lake and his legs will start running away from you. All you need to do is catch and interact with them to put Olaf back together again. Minus his nose, but that’s hidden in a very secret place that is revealed to you shortly after.

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