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Hellboy gets animated

We love Hellboy. We loved the movie, we love Mike Mignola’s artwork and now we seriously love the idea that Big Red is going to appear as a cartoon.

While Total Film counts the days until Guillermo del Toro fires up production on Hellboy 2, we’re filling the demon-shaped gap with word that a cartoon company is ready to produce direct-to-DVD features and a series starring an animated version of the cigar-chomping, evil-crushing, wise-cracking beastie.

Using traditional 2-D animation, Hellboy will boast the voice talents of the 2004 film, including Ron Perlman as Hellboy and Selma Blair as conflicted love interest and fire starter Liz Sherman. And with Mignola and del Toro attached as creative consultants, we’ve got understandably high hopes.