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GTA 5 Serial Killer Easter egg guide

On The Rocks in the Senora Desert 

4: Just west of the alien and UFO graffiti area in the Senora Desert, you can find this set of large white rocks that have the number 8 written on them along with a short and extremely creepy rhyme. It reads:

“One is done
Two was fun
Three tried to run
Four called mom
Fives not alive
Six is nix
Sevens in heaven
8 won’t wait.”

5. If you go a little bit south of the previous set of rocks, you will come across another large grouping with some more of the number 8 written on them. Here you will find another short riddle written that reads:

“They want me they can have
But they’ll never get my people
Even though I shall leave them sign enough
Where they put me”

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