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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Oysters guide

Just because a game's a little long in the tooth doesn't mean it's stopped being fun. Come with us as we take a trip through the archives and gather up all the guides, cheatsand FAQs from yesteryear for some of gaming’s all-time greats.

Spread throughout the entirety of San Andreas are 50 underwater oysters. Most of these reside underneath bridges or in swimming pools, and grabbing all 50 increases CJ's Sex Appeal and Lung Capacity stats. Grab your snorkel and your ultra-gangsta bathing suit, it's time to go oyster diving.


Oyster 1: Under the western side of the ship just north of San Fierro.

Oyster 2: Under the southern end of the bridge in north San Fierro.

Oyster 3: Under the northern end of the same bridge.

Oyster 4: Under the water, just past the beach.

Oyster 5: Under the water closest to the road.

Oyster 6: Under the western section of the ship northeast of San Fierro.

Oyster 7: Under the middle of the Garver Bridge.

Oyster 8: Center of the inlet.

Oyster 9: In the boathouse.

Oyster 10: In the inlet, just past the bridge.

Oyster 11: On the north side of the dam.

Oyster 12: Under the bridge above the inlet.

Oyster 13: Just past the dock in the northern section of the large inlet.

Oyster 14: Off the northern coast.

Oyster 15: In the northeastern corner of the map, beneath a boat.

Oyster 16: In the heart-shaped swimming pool.

Oyster 17: In the fountain outside of The Visage.

Oyster 18: In the water outside of the Pirates In Men's Pants resort.

Oyster 19: In the swimming pool.

Oyster 20: In the moat outside of Come-A-Lot.

Oyster 21: Under the eastern bridge connecting Las Venturas to Los Santos.

Oyster 22: Under the smaller of the two bridges in this location.

Oyster 23: Under the dock at Fisher's Lagoon.

Oyster 24: Under the central wooden bridge in Red County.

Oyster 25: Under the western bridge spanning the river.