Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Oysters guide

Oyster 26: Under a short bridge in Flint County.

Oyster 27: Surprise, surprise! Under yet another bridge, close to the previous oyster.

Oyster 28: Hmm. Maybe just look under every bridge in the game.

Oyster 29: Under a bri-just kidding. This one's in a swimming pool.

Oyster 30: In the pond in the small park.

Oyster 31: Just off the pier on the eastern beach.

Oyster 32: Just past the pier.

Oyster 33: Under the bridge.

Oyster 34: Under the southeastern bridge.

Oyster 35: Southwestern corner of Los Santos.

Oyster 36: Off the coast west of the Los Santos airport.

Oyster 37: In the southern part of the channel at the beach.

Oyster 38: In the northern part of the channel at the Marina.

Oyster 39: In the water south of the lighthouse.

Oyster 40: Off the eastern coast of Flint County.

Oyster 41: Under a bridge in southern Flint County.

Oyster 42: Under a wooden bridge to the north of the previous oyster location.

Oyster 43: Under a bridge in central Flint County

Oyster 44: Under the bridge northwest of Mount Chiliad.

Oyster 45: In a pond in southwest San Fierro.

Oyster 46: Near the south end of the ship.

Oyster 47: At the northwest end of the airstrip.

Oyster 48: Off the beach with fences on it.

Oyster 49: In the middle boat docking bay.

Oyster 50: At the eastern (front) end of the ship.