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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Snapshot location guide

Just because a game's a little long in the tooth doesn't mean it's stopped being fun. Come with us as we take a trip through the archives and gather up all the guides, cheatsand FAQs from yesteryear for some of gaming’s all-time greats.

Above: Click for a HUGE version of this map

There are 50 snapshot locations to be found throughout San Fierro. These collectibles only appear while looking through the lens of a camera – to pick one up, zoom in close to the object and take a picture of it. Snagging all 50 nets you over $100,000 in cash and will also spawn the following weapons in the Doherty Garage:

-Micro SMG
-Sniper Rifle

Snapshot 1: On one of the rungs of the suspension bridge.

Snapshot 2: On the antenna of the ship.

Snapshot 3: Above the submarine.

Snapshot 4: In front of the Pier 69 sign.

Snapshot 5: On top of the rocks in the water.

Snapshot 6: On a rung of the eastern bridge.

Snapshot 7: On top of the eastern bridge, the section closest to San Fierro.

Snapshot 8: Up next to the clock tower.

Snapshot 9: Near the top of the antenna.

Snapshot 10: On the north side of the skyscraper.

Snapshot 11: Near the statue in the air.

Snapshot 12: On the winding path in the mini park.

Snapshot 13: On top of an overpass near a tree.

Snapshot 14: By the Burger Shot sign.

Snapshot 15: In the middle of the Tuff Nuts Donuts sign.

Snapshot 16: On the southern part of the long building’s roof.

Snapshot 17: On the green structure that spans the road.

Snapshot 18: In the statue in the center of the building.

Snapshot 19: Above the eastern mounted turret on the carrier.

Snapshot 20: Above the Xoomer Gas Station sign.

Snapshot 21: This one is on the ground level near the three square buildings. However, to get it to appear, you must first get on top of eastern-most building and position yourself to get a clear shot of the ground near its northwest corner.

Snapshot 22: At the very top of the skyscraper.

Snapshot 23: At the top of the tallest part of the building, east side.

Snapshot 24: At the western end of the corner building.

Snapshot 25: Above the brick tower.