Gracing the screen

Michael Apted, who was last spotted behind the camera of Jennifer Lopez domestic abuse drama Enough, will next direct Amazing Grace.

And the film, which has already started lensing, has drawn quite the impressive ensemble. Romola Garai (Inside I’m Dancing), Rufus Sewell (currently playing the villainous Armand in The Legend Of Zorro) and Dumbledore himself (Michael Gambon) have joined the cast.

Already on board are Ioan Gruffudd, who’s playing British anti-slavery pioneer William Wilberforce and Albert Finney, as Wilberforce’s closest friend and confidant, John Newton. Set in the 18th century, the plot follows Wilberforce’s political career, which saw him go toe to toe with some of the era’s most powerful men. Steven Knight – who penned Dirty Pretty Things – wrote the script.