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Get a cheap gaming monitor now: save up to $330 on these Alienware gaming screens

Get a cheap gaming monitor now: save up to $330 on these Alienware gaming screens
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Those on the lookout for a new gaming display should look no further than here, because these deals are delicious. Right now you can take your pick of three quality Alienware gaming monitors, save big, and get them for some of their lowest prices ever. 

Let's break it down with the three cheap gaming monitors on offer from Alienware at Amazon now, two of which are on out list of the best gaming monitors you can buy this year. The first is the excellent compact 25-inch gaming monitor, the AW2518H. This is one of our top picks, has all that Alienware quality by default, and has some seriously good good gaming specs within too. In particular, its combination of a refresh rate of up to 240Hz, a 1ms response time and Nvidia G-Sync means it will give you some of the smoothest images and pictures you can possibly get. It's a TN panel which is fine (and helps to keep the overall cost down) and is 1080p in its resolution. It can be yours for $388 - a frankly ridiculous price for the quality you get - which is its lowest price since late-summer 2018 by the looks of it. 

Secondly, the FreeSync relative of the above is also on offer: the Alienware AW2518HF is similar in most respects to the 2518H but simplifies the affair a little, and the result is an exceptional budget or entry-level monitor that will still perform very well. It is a 25-inch 1080p TN panel too with a refresh rate of up to 240Hz and a 1ms response time, and, as mentioned, features FreeSync not G-Sync. This is down to just $290.99, which is the lowest it's been since spring as far as we can tell.

The third one on offer, again one of our favorites, is the larger AW3418DW gaming monitor. This is a 34-inch curved screen (a 1900R radius) that has a 120Hz refresh rate, 4ms response time and a 1440p resolution on a terrific IPS panel. It's a fine compact curved monitor that offers all the gaming specifications you'll need including G-Sync, and won't be quite as large as the curved monsters that can dominate that part of the market. You can get it for $769.99 at Amazon which is its lowest ever price.

We might see some similar offers - maybe some cheaper - during this year's Black Friday game deals but it's hard to say. Opportunities to grab monitors this good for such a low price are usually worth taking advantage of as and when they crop up. For those who are prepared to wait though, keep tabs on our Black Friday gaming PC deals hub to keep abreast of the best.

Cheap gaming monitor deals now

Of course you'll need to make sure you've got one of the best machines going for your brand new Alienware monitor, be it one of the best gaming PCs or even best gaming laptops. But, such are the quality and versatility of gaming monitors, they are equally great companions for consoles, so check out the best PS4 Pro deals and best Xbox One X deals to get the most out of your shiny new screen.

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