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Screenings galore, a near sighting of Indiana Jones and Weekender planning has been keeping the team busy

It’s only the second week back in the office and worryingly the team are already hurtling towards yet another impending deadline. Add to that a certain weekend-long sci-fi shindig we’ll be throwing in a mere three weeks and that relaxing Christmas holiday suddenly feels like ancient history.

Not that we’ve any reason to moan though because this week two of the team got the opportunity to travel down to the Big Smoke for screenings of two of the New Years’ hottest properties. Nick was first up, journeying to Leicester Square for a preview of The Green Hornet . Much to his surprise the film was an unexpected treat, in fact he was even glad for the 3D glasses, which conveniently masked his tears of laughter. Keep an eye out for his review online later in the week. The highlight of the trip however wasn’t Seth Rogen’s wannabe-super hero shtick, but a near sighting of Indiana Jones himself, Harrison Ford, who was in town from the premiere of his (sadly non-SF) new movie Morning Glory . Regressing to a child-like state of giddy excitement Nick tried to glimpse a sight of the sci-fi icon, battling through the crowd outside the Empire cinema, but alas the call of the last train home ensured it wasn’t to be.

Ian went to a screening of episode one of the Beeb’s new science fiction (YES IT IS, KUDOS!) drama Outcasts last night, and judging by the subdued smattering of post-screening applause, wasn’t alone in finding it all a bit grim. Yeah, Battlestar Galactica was grim and that was brilliant, but it also had space battles and killer robots ‘n’ shit - as well as memorable characters, fascinating plot puzzles, and a sense of high-stakes urgency. It wasn’t all watery-eyed people standing around talking about how terribly sad they are. On the plus side: there’s a funny bit with Daniel Mays and a pig, and the trailer for the rest of the series included some intriguing elements which suggest that it could be worth sticking with the show, even if you’re not gripped by the opener.

He’d also like to remind you that time is running out if you want to pick up a copy of his Doctor Who special , which will be pulled from the shelves in less than two weeks! Don’t forget, you can also download it as an app for your iPad. And while you’re waiting for it to download why not check out this chap who does incredible sci-fi impressions. Good taste in magazines too.

After spending Tuesday night stranded on the roadside with smoke pouring out of his car, Rob has lost all faith in modern modes of transport and is holding out for either the invention of transporters or an office based accident that leaves him with the speed of the Flash. He also made his debut for the vaguely SFX -affiliated Future Publishing five-a-side football team this week and managed to score a goal in between swearing loudly and regretting every second of festive overindulgence.

Ade is in London town with the folks at 20 th Century Fox and is also busy with Weekender preparations. He’s very excited at the amazing items he has received for the Charity Auction he’s presenting on the Friday of the event, including a hat worn by Andrew Lee Potts in Primeval . Rich is on a Weekender trip too, having spent the last couple of days working on the schedule and brochure. Now it’s time for an epic meeting! Dave B and Jon meanwhile are downstairs…

After spending two entire evenings this week watching the never-ending Meet Joe Black on Blu-ray for review (“It felt like a lifetime” he was heard rambling, like the first words of a traveller returning to civilisation after days stranded in the desert) Jordan was happy to get back to his current obsession – Angel . He’s watching it for the first time having missed its broadcast during his drug and alcohol fuelled uni years (note: the previous statement may or may not be complete fabrication). He also made the bewildering decision last weekend to pay real money to see Season Of The Witch at his local world of Cine. The reason wasn’t for a good giggle at Nicolas Cage’s latest rug but to see Misfits ace Robert Sheehan in action. Sadly there were no tripling jokes to be found.

Russell’s finally free of his vampire special as it went to press on Tuesday. His relief was cut short by a quick look at the main SFX flatplan and seeing that there are still over a hundred pages to do in the next week. Undeterred he’s going out for a deferred celebration tonight, and since he hasn’t drank yet in 2011 it could get very messy...


Random Quote Of The Week : “Spider silk and a weighted hem, that’s the explanation for a magic cape?”

Whose Random Desk Contents ? (last week’s answer: it was Jordan’s Mr Pricklepants!)

Jordan is the Community Editor at SFX and Total Film. When he isn't watching movies or sci-fi shows of questionable quality he's probably shooting men in space or counting down the days till the next Zelda comes out.