A first look at the cover of our new issue and a day on the set of Being Human series four, all in this week’s peek behind the blast doors

It’s been another patchy week in SFX Towers. Patchy in as much as there’s been big, gaping holes in team SFX , with the office reduced to a single writer, two designers, one prod editor and one workie by 4:30pm on Monday. Not that the rest of the team have been slacking off, of course with Rich in London interviewing an outspoken TV personality, Russell whiling away the hours on a super-secret project and Rob fighting the power and, er, standing in line for a passport.

Can you believe it’s almost time for another shiny new issue of SFX? Subscribers should be getting their copies of Issue 216 any day now, but it officially goes on sale Wednesday 16 November and features three huge vampire exclusives on the latest seasons of True Blood , The Vampire Diaries and Breaking Dawn Part One . [ Don't forget Underworld 4 ! - Ed ] Check back next week for a full rundown of the issue's contents.

Ian will probably be midway over the Atlantic as you read this, as he heads off for two weeks in sunny Miami - we hope he doesn’t end up in Dexter’s kill-room. On Monday he travelled to the considerably colder climes of Wales to visit Honolulu Heights, interviewing Being Human ’s new vampire Damien Molony, new regular Michael Socha, and returning guest star Craig Roberts. Highlight of the day? Well, it was the Being Human song Michael and Damien performed for him (a composition of their own creation), until Craig blew that out of the water by doing the David Brent dance.

Rich has finally gone hi-def at home, so he’s taking every opportunity possible to watch his new TV – that means Misfits , Fringe and The Fades mainly. This week he’s also been to London to speak to Charlie Brooker and his cast about their Twilight Zon ey Black Mirror , building the news, and putting things in place for the Weekender.

Dave B’s been travelling around the country with Ade this week, including top meetings and meals (see below). Today our editor-in-chief has been back in Bath but it's still been a day of meetings, with big boss Clair in town too for lots of planning. Dave B, Dave G and Jordan have also been in the recording studio this afternoon, screen testing for an exciting future video project. Watch this space for more details in coming months.

Jordan was relieved when Celebrity Masterchef finished last month, as it meant Russell and Catherine wouldn't be talking about it all the flipping time. But, oh no! Professional Masterchef is now on and they're talking about THAT all the flipping time! He wants to go home…

….And play Skyrim . After blasting through Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception this weekend (his verdict: a wee bit disappointing) he’s cleared his gaming schedule for the next few weeks/months/years and is considering legally changing his name to Longbeard Dragonkiller, and only eating things he has captured in the wild.

Talking of food and Russell, he got to the end of his second Mission Burrito loyalty card this week (buy ten, get one free). That's thanks to doing nights on his big secret SFX project, the exciting results of which you'll see on November 23rd...

Ade is back at SFX Towers after a mini tour of Nottingham to see the boys at Black Library , which involved a few pints and a red hot curry. Then it was down to London to discuss some very exciting plans for the SFX Weekender 3 and to see Jo Fletcher to talk about her new book imprint .


Random Quote Of The Week: “I’ve got the cleanest backside in Future Publishing.”

Whose handwriting? (last week’s answer: it was Ian’s handwriting!)

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