A trip to see Tintin , Misfits fever and Hollywood hobnobbing in this week’s journey inside SFX Towers

It’s the final week of issue 216, and you know what that means – late nights, lots of burritos and the odd case of cabin fever as Team SFX spend more time around each other than any group of human beings should reasonably have to.

For a reprieve from the madness Rich, Nick, Jordan and publishing industry legend (TM) Steve Jarratt took a trip to the flicks last night for an early evening screening of Tintin ( in 2D of course). The verdict? A resounding, “It’s OK” from Rich, Jordan and Steve, though Nick seemed a little more enamoured than the rest of us (especially with Snowy). Hard to fault its technical achievements, though. Speaking of Rich, he and Dave are in the process of final checking pages this week and have declared the new issue “looks good”. You heard it here first!

Rob’s nose is pouring out more snot than most species are capable of thanks to spending all day in the rain yesterday. It was well worth it though; not only did he get to live the high life on a Hollywood set (free cake! Explosions!) but he met a pair of A-listers, and achieved a childhood goal (gain entry to Pinewood Studios – check). Unfortunately he can’t divulge details at the moment, but it’ll be well worth it when he does, promise. He’s also gearing himself up for a night in the company of the mighty Wilco tonight, and with Misfits back on Sunday he’s feeling pretty good about life right now.

Dave G’s been spending the week wondering if anyone’s noticed the extra titbits he’s been putting up on the front page of the site, and mumbling something about Titanic football tables, that nobody understands. Might have something to do with the film he saw on Tuesday, but we can’t tell you what because that’s embargoed too.

Ever wondered what an average 30 seconds in the office was like? Now's your chance! (Director Of Photography: Nick Setchfield using the Super 8 app on his iPad 2. And people say he's trapped in the 70s...)

[VAMS id="l1H83unD96WrW"]

Mere mention of Misfits is enough to make Jordan’s ears prick, as all this week he’s been uploading interviews with every member of the cast to the site – still to come Iwan Rheon (Simon), Matthew McNulty (Seth) and a tidbit from Robert Sheehan, who he chatted with on Monday about his role in the BBC’s Christmas adaptation of The Borrowers . Jordan couldn’t resist the opportunity to put a few questions to the one-time Nathan about leaving the show now, could he? Aside from that Jordan’s week has consisted of Arkham City , more Arkham City and the occasional (reluctant) bathroom break. Since completing it on Saturday after a mammoth day’s gaming he’s been patrolling the streets of Gotham hovering up the remaining Riddler Trophies. He collected the final, 440th, trophy last night after spending almost an hour trying to figure out a puzzle (he never uses guides you see). “There are some sadists at Rocksteady” he could be heard muttering after. The question is, what’s he supposed to do between now and Uncharted 3 ?

Much of Ian’s week has been spent re-reading his hardback volumes of The Walking Dead and reading the tie-in novel Rise Of The Governor , whose cast of characters includes a bloke called Nick Parsons. It’s been a struggle not to think of Sale Of The Century

The Walking Dead may have returned this week, but last night the first series of BBC Three’s superb The Fades came to a close. We gave it the full five-whack in our review, and it’s received a resounding thumbs up from the rest of the office. Even Jon who watched the final few minutes, but not the beginning. Er…


Random Quote Of The Week: “Mines a bit bigger, but deformed.”

Whose handwriting? (If you can make out more than one or two words we'll be impressed. Last week’s answer – they were Russell’s Jeans!)

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