Terry Pratchett on a boat, new issue overload and a fond farewell to Sarah Jane in the latest candid look inside SFX Towers

The SFX office is a funny old place. One day we can be on a boat with Terry Pratchett, celebrating the release of his latest book, while inhaling snuff, and the next we’ll be engaged in a heated debate about the correct etiquette on spoon storage in the communal kitchen. Never let it be said we let all this celebrity hobnobbing get to our heads.

But first, a public service announcement. If you’ve yet to pick up the SFX app for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch/iEye (note: one of these isn’t real) now is the perfect time, because for a limited time you can download issue 213 for 100% free! You can also currently have three issues delivered to your door for a bonkers £3 ($10 for our American chums) or subscribe for a year and a free copy of Fringe ’s brilliant second season on DVD. Phew, we’re bargain central this week.

Even more exciting than great money saving offers, yesterday SFX issue 215 hit newsstands (including virtual ones) with a massive Misfits series three world exclusive, your first look at Being Human ’s new vampire and the scorching SFX Hot 50, counting down the movers and shakers from the world of sci-fi. It’s really very, very good. But don’t take our word for it – just look at the excitement on the face of the young man above.

Speaking of new issues, on Tuesday 25 October issue 9 of Comic Heroes is unleashed on an unsuspecting public with a comprehensive look back at Spider-Man’s comic book history and an in-depth interview with Preacher creator Garth Ennis. Not one for nice cardboard wallets and top free gifts? Then remember you can also buy Comic Heroes from the Comic Heroes newsstand app for just £4.99 an issue – saving you three English pounds in the process. Sales pitch over.

Rob is still recovering emotionally and physically from a night of boats, bacon and booze with Dave B and Ade at the launch for Terry Pratchett's Snuff . He may have overindulged in pretty much everything. He'll be fine though - he's got an afternoon of screenings to look forward to tomorrow, including an early peek at the final episode of The Fades , and is heading on set for one of those big Hollywood films next week. Exciting times ahoy. Ade meanwhile is still smiling along with the rest of the gang who attended last night aboard '' The Wonderful Fanny'' as they sailed down the Thames. “London is amazing at night,” he was heard muttering while still a little tipsy this morning.

Jordan’s been having a week of ups and downs. On Monday he visited the set of Dirk Gently ’s second series in Bristol where he chatted with Stephen Mangan, Helen Baxendale, Bill Paterson (who appears in the second episode of the new series) and more. You can read all about his day and (almost) everything he knows about the new series in a future issue of SFX . Otherwise it’s been a week of admiring his new pixel-effect wall clock and twiddling his thumbs in excited anticipation for Arkham City , which a handy email informed him was despatched yesterday. If he mysteriously phones into work ill tomorrow now you know why.

Nick found himself in Brighton at the weekend and took the chance to scope out the Robot Invasion! exhibition at Hove Museum & Art Gallery . An entire strikeforce of tin men (and the occasional tin dog), just waiting for a freaky cosmic lightning strike to bring them to life and march on mankind... He managed to miss the final episodes of The Sarah Jane Adventures this week but quite likes the thought that if he doesn't watch them then his favourite Doctor Who girl will always have one more adventure awaiting her. He's soft like that. Bet he cracks and watches it on iPlayer before the week's out.

Rich took an elbow in the face playing football on Monday which nearly took a tooth out! He’s on soft food all week – annoying. In other news he’s reviewing a very big book on Harry Potter , just sat in on a meeting about the SFX Weekender 3 and his Misfits rewatch is going well (can't wait for series three). Also, telly spotters take note: he’ll be back on BBC 4 for Only Connect on Monday evening. Good luck Rich!


Random Discussion Of The Week: Russell thinks it’s weird to go for number twos at work and to use the cubicle in the mens for number ones (because people will think you’re going for a number two). We think he’s weird.

Random Quote Of The Week: “Everything in your mouth feels bigger than it is.”

Jordan Farley

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