Friday news round-up

Here's what's piquing our interest today...

* Gabriel Macht has been cast as the lead in Frank Miller's adap of classic Will Eisner comic The Spirit. Never heard of him. What's that? Oh, he was in that film about Gram Parsons, apparently.

* Michelle Rodriguez (Ana-Lucia from Lost) has joined the cast of James Cameron's live-action/animation hybrid Avatar.

* Dean Cain (Superman in Lois & Clark, of course) will be guesting in the fourth episode of season seven of Smallville as a "villainous killer" called Dr Curtis Knox. Well, it's more dignified than that rubbish zombie film he was in, Dead and Deader. Anyone see that? Bloody awful.

* It must have been a slow news day t'other day at The Sun, cos they reported that James Nesbitt will be the 11th Doctor, and now it's all over the place. We see their train of thought: "Hmm, fans think that Steven Moffat bloke might make a good producer if and when Russell T Davies leaves. Which actors does Steven Moffat know?"

Anyone fancy a "Lenny Henry/Jack Davenport/Julia Sawalha as the Doctor" rumour? No?

* Fancy picking up a Statue of Liberty from Planet of the Apes, a Chewbacca head, or (most excitingly) a full-size Johnny Five robot from Short Circuit? They’re all up for grabs today in an eBay auction ...

* In the world of stuff we can afford, Doctor Who toy supremos Character Options have announced they'll be adding characters from Classic Who to their 5" action figure range. Wahoo! Can we have a Garm, an Ergon and Yartek, leader of the alien Voord, please?

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