Friday news round-up

Imagine us sitting behind a desk tapping a bunch of papers together as you read this:

* According to Hollywood Reporter, Anton Yelchin
is in negotiations to play Chekov in the new Star Trek movie. No we'd never heard of him either. Looks like a nice boy, though. We hope he is good at pronouncing "vessels" with a W.

* HBO liked the pilot of vampire series True Blood to pick it up for a series. True Blood is based on Charlaine Harris’s series of books about Sookie Stackhouse. Anna Paquin stars as the waitress who falls for a vampire.

* According to Variety, Stardust director Matthew Vaughn is being lined up to direct the latest Marvel movie, Thor. This is good news, since everyone we know who's seen Stardust says it's fab on a stick.

And now, over to Scott with the weather...