Friday Link-A-Mania

Campaign to Stop Pushing Daisies Pushing Daisies
Worried fans who fear that Pushing Daisies faces the axe have started a pre-emptive campaign to support the show. Organisers are asking fans to donate money so they can buy bouquets of - you guessed it – daisies to send to the studio execs. 27,000 people have so far contributed, apparently. Couldn’t they give the money to charity instead and just go out into a field an pick some daisies instead?

Star Wars Producer Spearheads 3D-Art Based Social Networking Site
Star Wars producer Rick McCallum is spearheading a new social networking site aimed at uniting 3D artists around the globe. According to AdWeek "SohoMuse will facilitate the exchange of ideas and artwork in a 3-D environment styled with virtual versions of renowned cultural centres. SohoMuse launches with replicas of New York, London and Los Angeles; others including Sydney and Shanghai are on the way.” McCallum says, “"As we continue to outsource digital work for films, video games and publishing all over the world, I believe that SohoMuse will make a radical difference to the ease with which we can develop relationships with the best artistic talent, people we would have never otherwise found."

Dollhouse Has a Premiere Date
According to Spoiler TV Joss Whedon’s new show Dollhouse will premiere on 13 February in the States. We make that a Friday – not a good omen.

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