Fortnite Week 10 challenges: How to wrap up all of the weekly milestones in Season 4 Week 10

 Fortnite Heart Lake location
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Normally the Fortnite Week 10 challenges would signal that the season was coming to an end, though we already know that it'll be towards the end of November at least before things officially wrap up. After some confusion where several of these Fortnite challenges were linked to last week's list in error, hopefully we're now getting back on track. As well as visiting some locations that haven't featured before, there are several vehicle-based assignments so get ready to put the pedal to the metal. If you're after some advice on the best way to complete these tasks in Fortnite, then we have information on the quickest boat route from The Fortilla to The Authority, where to find the Heart Lake, and everything else you need for the Fortnite Week 10 challenges.

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Fortnite Week 10 challenges Season 4

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  • Search Chests at Upstate New York (7)
  • Eliminations at Lazy Lake (3)
  • Collect Metal from Slurpy Swamp (200)
  • Catch fish at Heart Lake (7)
  • Eliminate opponents by hitting them with vehicles (1)
  • Drive a boat from The Fortilla to The Authority in less than 4 minutes (1)
  • Ride 20,000 meters in a vehicle [Rec: 4 Players] (20,000)

Here's all of the individual details you should know while you're taking on the full list of seven Fortnite Week 10 challenges in Season 4:

Search Chests at Upstate New York (7)

If you didn't know it already, Fortnite Upstate New York is the large darkened circular area on the map north of Stark Industries, which gives you plenty of places to look for chests to search. Chests in Stark Industries also count towards this challenge, if you don't want to go looking around.

Eliminations at Lazy Lake (3)

As Lazy Lake is in the middle of a group of Named Locations towards the southeast of the island, you'll often find players around there to target for your eliminations. If you're having difficulty reaching your target, play Team Rumble mode until the circle closes around this area.

Collect Metal from Slurpy Swamp (200)

Handily there is plenty of metal to be collected in Slurpy Swamp to the southwest, thanks to all the Slurp vats, machinery, and walkways around the factory. To speed up the process, try this in Team Rumble as you harvest a larger amount of mats in that mode.

Catch fish at Heart Lake (7)

You'll find the Fortnite Heart Lake to the northeast of Stark Industries, and to catch fish there you'll need to visit one of the lake houses around the shore to grab a rod from their jetties, then cast into fishing spots on the water until you get your required haul.

Eliminate opponents by hitting them with vehicles (1)

This could be a tricky challenge, as once you're in one of the Fortnite cars you only have a limited amount of fuel to drive around looking for opponents to ram. Stark Industries has a number of fast cars around which are good for hitting people with, though you'll need to watch out for Stark Robots and Iron Man himself in that area. Sadly, eliminating NPCs with a vehicle doesn't count for this.

Drive a boat from The Fortilla to The Authority in less than 4 minutes (1)

Once you've collected one of the Fortnite motorboats from The Fortilla in the southwest corner of the map, your best route is to head around the north side of Slurpy Swamp, then follow the river up through Weeping Woods and onwards east under the bridge to The Authority. Use plenty of boost along the way, and you should have no trouble making this trip within the time limit.
Note that boats are currently not spawning in Fortnitemares mode, so if that is still active you'll need to head to Team Rumble for this challenge.

Ride 20,000 meters in a vehicle [Rec: 4 Players] (20,000)

This is quite a large total distance to cover, though you can share progress with your teammates in Duos or Squads. Cars tend to run out of fuel quite quickly, but boats can be sailed as far as you like and also count towards that distance.

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