Where to search unicorn floaties at swimming holes in the Fortnite Days of Summer challenges

fortnite unicorn floaties search swimming holes
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There are eight Fortnite unicorn floaties to search out at various swimming holes on the map for the 14 Days of Summer challenge. These happy little buoyancy aids are hidden around the map in ponds, lakes and pools, and can be quite hard to see from a distance. So our guide to all the Fortnite unicorn floaties locations should help you tick the three you need to find to finish this task off.

Check out all the Fortnite unicorn floaties locations in our video below:

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Fortnite unicorn floaties locations

Fortnite unicorn floaties locations map

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As you can see the Fortnite unicorn floaties are pretty much all on the right of the map. As you only need to search three to complete this Days of Summer Challenge it's best to aim for the Fatal Fields/Paradise Palms area as that's where you'll find three closest together. 

1. North of Pressure Plant

Fortnite unicorn floatie North of Pressure Plant

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The first of the Fortnite unicorn floaties you can find can be found at the hot springs north of Pressure Plant. Just aim for the north most pool and you should see it near the shore. 

2. Lazy Lagoon pirate ship

Fortnite unicorn floatie Lazy Lagoon pirate ship

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There's a tricksy Fortnite unicorn floatie hidden away under the gangplank leading to the pirate ship at Lazy Lagoon. You'll never see it from the air if you're gliding in so just aim for where the walkway meets the shore and then head under. 

3. Loot Lake

Fortnite unicorn floaties Loot Lake, south east

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At Loot Lake you'll find a Fortnite unicorn floatie by the small building with a jetty coming off it. It's tucked in quite close to the shore so it's easy to miss. 

4. Dusty Divot, south east

Fortnite unicorn floatie Dusty Divot, south east

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There's a beach party at one of the ponds in Dusty Divot but you'll want to ignore that and head to the water east of it. There's no balloons or sun loungers here, just a unicorn floatie on its own near the shipping containers. 

5.  Fatal Fields

Fortnite unicorn floatie Fatal Fields

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The easiest way to find the Fatal Fields Fortnite unicorn floatie is to head for the two tall grain silos and the small pond hear them. It's between the big willow tree and jetty.

6. Paradise Palms, near the gas station

Fortnite unicorn floatie Paradise Palms, near gas station

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There's a beach party near the gas station in Paradise Palms and a Fortnite Unicorn floatie just hanging around near the canoe. 

7. Paradise Palms

Fortnite unicorn floati Paradise Palms

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Look for the 'P' shaped pool when you head into Paradise Palms, in the small house with the covered walkway. You'll find a Fortnite unicorn floatie in the water near the sun lounger. 

8. Lonely Lodge

Fortnite unicorn floatie Lonely Lodge

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Head around the side of Lonely Lodge where the waterfall is and you'll find a Fortnite unicorn floatie underneath it. Look for the Lonely Lodge sign near the stairs if you can't see the waterfall.

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