Fortnite Grills: Where to destroy grills with the Low N Slow harvesting tool

Fortnite Grills
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Fortnite grills are the target for the latest challenge in the 14 Days of Summer event, because players need to destroy grills with the Low N Slow harvesting tool. This is the very last challenge in the 14 Days of Summer challenges in Fortnite, so you won't have long to complete it at all. You also need to destroy seven grills in total which may seem like a lot, but we've got over 20 Fortnite grills below for you to visit and destroy.

If you're wondering how to get the Low N Slow harvesting tool to complete this challenge, you need to ensure you've completed the Fortnite fireworks challenge which requires you to launch three fireworks found along the river bank.

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Fortnite Grills - Paradise Palms

(Image credit: Epic Games)

In Paradise Palms, there's four Fortnite grills to be found, so we've highlighted each of the locations specifically on the map above. There'll undoubtedly be multiple players destroying them alongside you, so try making a beeline throughout the town to get all four as quickly as possible.

Fortnite Grills - Snobby Shores

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Over on the other side of the map is Snobby Shores, which also has four Fortnite grills. Only the middle house doesn't have one, so even if there's other players at the opposite end of Snobby, you should be able to get two per game here.

Fortnite Grill locations

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Finally, here's a view of the full Fortnite map with another 14 Fortnite grills dotted about the place. This isn't all of the Fortnite grills in the game, but it's most of them and if you plot a route and get lucky with grills that haven't been destroyed by other players, you could complete the entire challenge in one match this way. Best of luck, and try not to burn yourself!

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