Fortnite Summertime Splashdown loading screen: Where to search the tiny rubber ducky for the 14 Days of Summer challenge

Fortnite Summertime Splashdown loading screen
(Image credit: Epic Games)

One of the challenges that confused us for a while was where to find the Fortnite hidden tiny rubber ducky in the Summertime Splashdown loading screen. This beach themed loading screen is unlocked as a reward for hitting a player with a water balloon in three different Fortnite matches, but at first glance it doesn't appear to have a rubber duck in it at all. We've sussed it out though, so here's the Fortnite hidden tiny rubber ducky location to complete the 14 Days of Summer challenge.

Where to search the Fortnite hidden tiny rubber ducky

Fortnite hidden tiny rubber ducky location

(Image credit: Epic Games)

If you look very closely, you can see four surfboards in the background of the loading screen to the bottom left, each with writing on. HI HI 99 1010 is what it says, which may seem like absolute gibberish... until you read them vertically. H9, I9, H10, I10. Co-ordinates! This means the tiny rubber ducky is not actually in the beach themed loading screen whatsoever; it's elsewhere and the loading screen simply hints at the location. But where do those co-ordinates lead?

You want to find the spot where H9, I9, H10 and I10 all intersect on the map. It's in the south-east corner, slightly west of where river runs off the map and turns into a waterfall, and east of the cluster of shacks that people like to call Westworld. The hidden tiny rubber ducky can be found inside the discarded bathtub next to a tree. Fly over here and search it in a public game to complete the challenge.

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