Where to find all the Fortnite Clown Board locations

Fortnite Clown Boards. What are they, how do you find them, and how do you get more than a highscore of 10? Well, that’s exactly what I’m about to share with you! We’ve had shooting galleries, clay pigeon shooting and now a new target challenge called Clown Boards which test your reaction speeds rather than your accuracy. 

Dotted around the map are in total, five Fortnite clown boards, but you’ll only need to complete thee of them to clown around completing this week's challenging challenge. To complete them you’ll need to activate a clown board, and then pop the balloons as they start to expand. The first 10 are fairly easy, but after that things start to speed up and you’ll need to be lightning fast to get above 25. Right, let’s jump out of the bus and right into the Fortnite Clown Board locations!

West of Lucky Landing

This is a good one to start at as it’s a bit out of the way so nobody will both you, I recommend landing into Lucky and then moving over to the west, so when you find the clown board here, you’ll have some weapons to defend yourself with. Hit 10 balloons and you’re a 3rd of the way there! 

East of Junk Junction

On the other side of the island head to Junk Junction and you’ll find another clown board just outside of the quad bike garage, again, make sure to loot before you clown around.

Pleasant Park

Probably the hardest one of the bunch to complete, is the clown board located in Pleasant Park towards the south west near the gas station. I recommend heading here mid to late game, just so you don’t get smashed.

Caravan Park

Also known as the RV park, this is actually one of my favourite spots, just because it’s so unpopular to land at, grab your loot and then head slightly north near some benches and you’ll find another clown board.

North West of Paradise Palms

This one is another to do while you’re running around. It’s located north west of paradise palms right on the edge of the desert biome, south of Retail Row. Here you’ll find the last clown board.

And there you have it, a short and sweet location guide to help you complete all of Season 6 Week 9 Fortnite Battle Pass Challenges.