All Fortnite Carnival Clown Board locations for the Days of Summer challenges

Fortnite Carnival Clown Board locations
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There are eight Fortnite Carnival Clown Board locations to find during the 14 Days of Summer challenges. To tick off this particular challenge you need to find one and pop ten balloons, so easy points really. Here where to find the Fortnite Carnival Clown Board locations.

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How to score 10 or more on a Carnival Clown Board  

How to score on a Carnival Clown Board

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Scoring 10 or sounds pretty obvious because it is: just pop as many balloons as you have fingers. There are few things to note though, the game ends when a balloon pops by itself so try not to obstruct the board incase you miss one. It's also best to equip a 'normal' pickaxe for the best reach. So avoid the dual wielding Ripe Rippers, say. 

There was also an issue the last time these Clown Boards appeared in the game where certain pickaxes like the scythe didn't work. So if you're having issues completing it then swap out your gear and see if that helps. 

 Fortnite Carnival Clown Board locations

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The eight Fortnite Carnival Clown Board locations are actually the same as the Fortnite Beach Party so this should be easy to tick off as you do those. If, for some reason, you've missed them. You can see where to find them on the map up there, and below we've got where to look for them in more detail. 

1. River north of Lazy Lagoon

Fortnite clown board Lazy Lagoon

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Look out for the sand bank just as the river reaches the edge of the map. It's not obscured so should be easy to see from most angles. 

2. East of Pleasant Park

Fortnite Clown board pleasant park

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Look for a river between Loot Lake and Pleasant and you should see the Beach Party in an open clear area. 

3. East of Neo Tilted

fortnite clown board neo tilted

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This Clown Board is tucked away in-between two hills so it can be easy to miss. Just find the road and aim for the end of the snow.

4. Dusty Divot

fortnite clown board dusty divot

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The Dusty Divot clown board is in the South East part but heavily covered by trees so not the easiest one to find. There is a break in the cover but if you're flying in you might not see it until quite late. 

5. North West of Paradise Palms

fortnite clown board paradise palms

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The first of two clown boards in Paradise is easy to see as it's right by a lagoon in the open. Just look for the palm trees. 

6. Near the Gas Station in Paradise Palms

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This clown board is also in Paradise, and also hard to miss. It's by another lake surrounded by palm trees right by the gas station.

7. Playing fields in Pleasant Park

fortnite clown board playing fields

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There's an old clown board to find in Pleasant Park tucked away behind the bleachers if you're passing through the area. Might a good option away from the newer ones if you're having trouble. 

8. Junk Junction

fortnite clown board junk juntion

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There's a clown board just under a tree east of Junk Junction that might be a good shout if you need some space away from the Beach Parties to get the score and tick it off. 

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