Fortnite Reality Tree and Heralds Sanctum locations

Fortnite Reality Tree and Herald's Sanctum
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The Fortnite Reality Tree and Heralds Sanctum are found in the West and East sides of the map respectively - one a huge tree, the other a chrome palace. The current Fortnite quest asks players to eliminate two opponents at either location, and there's plenty of content in the new Fortnite Fortnitemares event to do it with - but for those who want the advantage, we'll explain the locations of the Fortnite Reality Tree and Heralds Sanctum below, as well as what you can do to secure those kills. 

Fortnite Reality Tree and Heralds Sanctum locations and quest guide 

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The Fortnite Reality Tree and Heralds Sanctum are marked on the map above, though it's important to recognise that you're not obligated to kill at both locations - you only need to secure two eliminations, and they can happen at either landmark. 

So you could kill two at the Tree, or two at the Sanctum, and both would count. We'll lay out the best way to get kills at either location below to help you complete the eliminations for the quest:

  • Reality Tree: Players will be coming here early to get the Howler Claws, and if you can beat them to it that's a huge advantage, as the Fortnite Wolfscent power will let you mark them from a distance. Alternatively, grab a sniper and watch the Altars and other key locations, then take the shot when somebody pokes their head up. Everybody expects camping in the woods, right?
  • Herald's Sanctum: This area is a little trickier, full of Fortnite Chrome Structures you can use to phase through walls, but that can work against you as well as for you. There's also the Fortnite The Herald boss hanging around - another thing that can work in either direction. If other teams are fighting her, you can sneak in and finish them off after she wounds them.

Get two kills and the challenge will be completed. Of course there's other location-based challenges this week - check out our guide on the Fortnite Cloudy Condos and Reality Tree to see how to beat that one too! 

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