Fortnite now has dinosaurs roaming around the island

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Fortnite now has dinosaurs roaming around the in-game island.

Back when Fortnite Season 6 launched merely a few weeks ago, dinosaur eggs were found scattered all over the battle royale island. Now, with the release of the latest update in 16.10 to hit Epic's game, the dinosaur eggs have finally hatched, spewing the prehistoric creatures all over the in-game island.

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These dinosaurs actually function exactly like any of the other wild animals you can find in Fortnite right now. For example, the raptors will go after anyone who shoots at them or strays too close, and they can also actually be tamed by using the Hunter's Cloak item, which can also be done with the other animals on the island.

The arrival of raptors in Fortnite shouldn't actually be a massive surprise, considering the clues left by developer Epic. Players even noted that last week you could even hear a faint heartbeat near the eggs, indicating that they were on the cusp of hatching.

If you're unfamiliar with Fortnite Season 6, it added in wild animals for the first time earlier this month. You can tame the creatures, or fight and kill them for critical crafting parts, which are another new addition through the Season 6 update.

You can take parts that you receive through slaying creatures, and use them to upgrade weapons. These specific types of weapons that can be upgraded are called Primal weapons, and for a complete walkthrough on how they work, you can head over to our Fortnite crafting guide for more.

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